Basketball Court In Fortnite Creative #FortniteCreative -

Basketball Court In Fortnite Creative #FortniteCreative

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Today you might be watching my fortnite videos or fortnite creative mode videos or call of duty mobile videos I love doing cod mobile videos but I hope you enjoyed ly fortnite video leave a like if you did

I upload games like fortnite or hytale and call of duty mobile


  1. Hey great vid! Btw, would you like to do a product review for our headset that we think would work great with Fortnite Mobile? Email me:

  2. Khubeb i didnt know you had a second Channel!!!

  3. Quick tip since you can not make a basket any more get the colorful blucks shrink them all the way make a back board then get the small yellow hoop from the hoop prefab turn it so its facing horizontal shrink it all the way thats how you can make a working basket ball hoop

  4. Where did you find the gallery of the chairs?

  5. Someone please tell me the code… I cant find it in the description..

  6. Hey everyone the code is here under this comment
    Your welcome

  7. I take it back it works! Code is 7673-2458-4612

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