basketball amazing skill -

basketball amazing skill

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basketball amazing skill
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  1. Idk why but this kid gives me gio wise vibes

  2. I mean he got the shootings and dribbling but if he want to be a nba player he need to develop playmaking you know get his teammates involved in the play

  3. Nice! But he was looking down the whole time, if he looks up he will be able to get the shot better

  4. Im not hating he is Good but im A LOT better No hate ok

  5. I play basketball about almost 3 years now and I still can’t do what this kid does lol

  6. This guys uncle is Kobe cousin Michael Jordan and father levering James

  7. Good grief!! Now that is totally impressive.

  8. Man's 3 and got a better shot than Ben Simmons

  9. He’s got moves like the professor so imma call him the teachers pet

  10. LeBron James sucks he just wants to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

  11. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh he soooooooo goooooooood

  12. The beginning dribbles are useless. If he is in a real game and I coach see him doing dribbles with no use he gonna loses minutes and probably gonna be subbed out after that

  13. Maybe he will be better after he stops emulating LaKaren Shames

  14. He better then me🤣🤣

  15. 1 2 3 இல்லைன்னு மாற்றலாமே

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