Australia v India | Full Basketball Game | FIBA U16 Asian Championship 2023 -

Australia v India | Full Basketball Game | FIBA U16 Asian Championship 2023

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Watch the Group Phase game between Australia and India at the FIBA U16 Asian Championship 2023. #fibau16asia

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00:00:00 Intro
00:07:42 1st quarter
00:25:37 2nd quarter
00:57:32 3rd quarter
01:18:10 4th quarter

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  1. indian coach never understood the mistake the boys were making. quality of the coach is sub standard, ………

  2. इतनी बुरी हार
    बुरी मौत के बराबर😢😢
    India must focus on basketball just like they do on cricket

  3. India should focus on other sports also . Cricket is not the only sport!!!!

    Yea i know some random people will come and reply that we have gold medal in javeling throw etc . But all i want to say is the lack of concern about other sports.

  4. I play better than that tbh…Tf is w the rebound!!

  5. My school has better team than the Indian team

  6. indian team😢 cannot balance their own body😂

  7. Had they selected players from Northeast of India, there could have been a different scene then i guess

  8. If politics and nepotism were absent, india would be producing some amazing athletes today

  9. There is no codination and not covering to any one in india

  10. What does this U16 mean ?is this under 16 years old player game?? If it is then none of the player looks under 16 years old😂😂😂😂😂

  11. no cap but i can play better ball the than the players and im 14

  12. What was india team doing,no rebound at all

  13. The first few minutes of the screens, taking contested shots, bad pass and no field vision, hence no play making.. make plays that leads to basket. not just panic passes and shots.. Simple advice, the biggest guy on the team screens and the best shooter takes an easy no contested shots…this play will get you at least 20+ points or more if the SG/PG is decent at shooting

  14. what is australia doing in asian championship,

  15. Indian Sports Authorities/Ministers : "We have Cricket, thats enough. Here is another $100M budget for Crickettt" 😢

  16. 58 after 3 they count 51 😂😂😂

  17. Indian pm is busy on sponsoring mandirs(temple) not on sports 😂😂😂

  18. I’m u16 India and I can play better than them in women’s league 😭

  19. Inse acha toh mein school mein khel leta hun

  20. In india they always concentrate on cricket and nothing else i know there are far better players in india jthey just don't get a chance to play

  21. India plz select the team wisely and understanding!!

  22. I am 18 i admit..this is nice and all but seriously for real ,me and my school team is better than this

  23. India in another dimensional world 😅😅😅

  24. Skills based selection ❌ reservation based selection ✅

  25. The difference in physique is so apparent. Strong genetics definitely play a huge role.


  27. I don't think Australian players are under 16, there is some fraud here

  28. Can someone fire team India basketballs coach? 😅

  29. Our Indian basketball team is not good but need improvement ❤l😊

  30. Let me play for india 🇮🇳. Yall need help.

  31. Everyone’s hating on India, when they are actually a good team

  32. Indian team is good at speed and physical strength but they are lacking in much bigger aspects like vision of captain, corporation of teammates, shooting, rebounding, foul cover ups and most important thing (according to me), POSITIONING, players are not aware of other player's presence
    I support u indian team but i expected better 😢

  33. super bad players or no enough talents looks like india basketball need to conduct more competition – better with europe teams so that its easy to beat asian teams for next time,

  34. Cricket has killed other games in India. IPL is a giant killer.

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