Auburn vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 2 25 2023 -

Auburn vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 2 25 2023

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Auburn vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 2 25 2023
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  1. Three weeks ago I watch these Wildcats and they were terrible. Could do anything right. Coach Cal has got this team primed for the upcoming NCAA Tourney. Great win against a quality opponent. Thank you Matthew !

  2. I knew Auburn wasn’t a top 25 team but now there not even top 40

  3. did anyone notice how they didn’t count livingstons 2nd free throw ?

  4. Big Fluke are lookin’ dangerous! These Scaredy Cats will probably make some noise. We shall see!

  5. Welp, this made me feel good…Livingston is the key bro I swear…And if Reeves is on?!?! Forget about it…Game over 🤙 GO BIG BLUE!!

  6. I have been critical of this team all year. This was the first time they did most things right other than ball security. If and I mean IF they can play like today they have at least a chance. Until this game they showed no signs of beating anyone in the top 25. They didn't take their foot off the gas and dominated. To win the SEC tournament we will need to play 3 days in a row just like this. Getting Reeves open so much is key.

  7. Heard 5 different name pronunciations for a couple different players lol

  8. It’s amazing how teams can turn it around in the college basketball season. No way would I have thought Kentucky would be playing at this high of a level right now back in early January and prior to then

  9. Kentucky went on a 60-19 run from 5 to go in first half till they put the walkons in with about 3 to go. Sheesh Aub sucks

  10. No offense to Auburn but I don’t count this win as a true test of capability or that things are completely dialed in. I will continue to be skeptical until it’s tourney time, and then……well……let’s not talk about the last time we were in the tourney🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. He said Auburn’s not a good 3 pt shooting team but the screen said Auburn leads the SEC in 3 pt % 🤔

  12. Did the auburn players knock the layup up out of the basket at the end of half? Or was it missed? It sure does look like he went up for the rebound and knocked the ball which was falling threw the net back out of the net. The last layup before half for auburn. Somebody answer that for me

  13. Thanks, Matthew! I should just send you what I have been paying for Sling. All I want to see is the Cats in Rupp (especially a game like this!).

  14. this was KY night! open three's make m, free throws make m, under basket make m, short and long range shots make m, KY hot AUB not!!!

  15. Man, every time they showed Wheeler on the bench he had the same look on his face like he couldn't care less what his team was doing. No enthusiasm, no energy, just sitting there like a knot on a log. I'm starting to think what people were saying in their replies to me last game about him weren't too far off the mark. I almost don't want him come back at all, for fear that he might try to sabotage the team out of jealousy or something. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

  16. Like I been saying since beginning of the season KY will be in the FINAL FOUR!

  17. I noticed Broome didn't get to use his Too Short gesture much today!! 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Ive been saying it since a couple months into the season. There's no reason fredrick should be shooting more 3s than reeves.

  19. Kentucky is one of the hottest teams in the nation right now. Haters will begin to crawl back into their holes as Cal once again has done good work. That team last night was DANGEROUS. Could beat anyone in the country.

  20. Some more bit of info- Cason, Antonio, Jacob, Chris, and Oscar just boosted their draft stock substantially. They will be first round picks if they finish with this level of performance.

  21. Dude kept calling him tshweeba 🤣 🤣 🤣

  22. Love my Cats! I just hope they can keep this up!! playing lots of mins in a game may take a toll on them in the Tournament

  23. Kentucky in my opinion is the best team in the SEC right now.

  24. I truly believe that if Cal plays Livingston in the second half vs Kansas Kentucky wins that game. 💯 Whenever Wallace, Reeves, Livingston, Toppin and Oscar all play 30 plus minutes KY is undefeated… This team has had the PCs all year and Cal trying to play the wrong guys and playing by using Oscar as the primary offensive option was not the way to go. This is how they should have been approaching this roster from the jump, and if they play like this their beating anyone in the country without a shadow of a doubt. Only thing that concerns me is fatigue considering Wallace is playing sooo many minutes. Can they keep this up? If so KY is making a run!!! BBN baby 😎

  25. I just hope when CJ and Wheeler are back at full strength they don't change the chemistry of this main lineup, especially heading into March. Good game. Thanks Matt.

  26. Green kills this teams momentum. They are alot better team with him off of the floor.


  28. Love these Kentucky wildcats. What a game!! This is the team I love. Trust the process❤

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