Atrocious basketball parents -

Atrocious basketball parents

Brian Rudnick
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Dear Chestnut Hill Youth Sports Club Commissioners,

In this video clip of the championship basketball game last night in CHYSC’s 12-14 year-old division, between the very talented and hard-driving Sixers (for whom my son played) and Jazz, a parent to my right screams and hurls verbal abuse at the referee. (This went on by several Jazz supporters throughout the course of the game but I was afraid to direct the camera in their direction for fear of getting attacked and my wife left the game early for the same reason)

As a Sixers player is about to attempt a foul shot, a Jazz player waves his arms up and down to encourage the crowd to create a din to distract the shooter and the Jazz parents more than oblige.

At the foul shoot, what comes out of the mother-to-my-left’s mouth is equally charming, “Miss!”

I only regret that I don’t have footage of the Jazz coach giving the angry, verbal abuse to the referees that earned him only one of many deserved technical fouls.

Or of the mother who, when the Jazz were trailing, loudly berated her own son for not getting more rebounds.

Or of the scary, profanity-laced altercation between parents in the parking lot a few weeks ago after another basketball game.

Or of the uniformed police officers who seemed to be less than coincidentally present at Friday night basketball games after that incident.

When I shook the hand of the Jazz coach after the game, I neglected to congratulate him and tell him I was disappointed at our team’s loss but also happy for his players because we are acquainted with these boys and they are poetry in motion driving towards the hoop and scoring!

Instead I told him how glad I was his team won because I didn’t want there to be any blood. I couldn’t have been more sincere.

Brian Rudnick


  1. I wish these parents were as enthusiastic about their children's studies as well. I didn't see very much academic support when I was teaching.

  2. Folks this is the 1st step to a nba career,that’s not okay,come on man

  3. Refs should have corrected this. You can’t wave your arms like that in the lane when the other team is shooting. It’s called disconcertion.

  4. I'm calling a great big "B.S." on this one. You use click bait to mislead us into thinking some kind of bad behavior is forthcoming. Failing to show that, other than a woman cheering for her team, you then claim several incidents which you "wish" you had been able to video. Well duh! You're the dude with the camera. If you didn't video it, it didn't happen. That's kind of how Youtube works. It's a platform for VIDEOS, not some excuse laden pontification of what you DIDN'T VIDEO!

  5. Quite common. A coarse culture has developed in America. Entitlement with no respect. No moral fiber. It gets worse every day. Mobs of people raiding stores. Prepare to defend yourself.

  6. hoping the parent went over and sacked the bitches big mouth

  7. hoping the parent went over and sacked the bitches big mouth

  8. The lost art of good sportsmanship has led to the decline of moral fiber in all of our communities…so sad

  9. this is a 12-14 year old basketball game…. damn its not game 7 lighten the hell up

  10. thats why you need to move to colorado. we do not have to deal with this stuff.

  11. Are they really trying to distract a 12 year old kid at the free throw line? Wow.

  12. have you ever been to a sporting event? hes pumping up the crowd

  13. Wow, great role model for your kids. Let's teach our children to hate on authority figures if they don't agree with us. People are so stupid.

  14. can you say Mother of the year?? I dont think Atrocious is a strong enough word.

  15. Geez lady shut the hell up u aint the only 1 @ the game!!!

  16. the best officials are always in the stands……….not

  17. First off,, very poor sportsmanship…….they are kids!

    Secondly, the officals can't do much there. They are in the stands. Every official worth his weight is trained to not have rabbit ears and listen to the crowd. Unless you hear a THREAT, RACIAL SLUR, etc, the official should not be interacting with the stands.

    The Athletic Director, or Principal, League Director, or whoever was in charge of the gym should have taken care of this situation.

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