Atrocious basketball parents -

Atrocious basketball parents

Brian Rudnick
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Dear Chestnut Hill Youth Sports Club Commissioners,

In this video clip of the championship basketball game last night in CHYSC’s 12-14 year-old division, between the very talented and hard-driving Sixers (for whom my son played) and Jazz, a parent to my right screams and hurls verbal abuse at the referee. (This went on by several Jazz supporters throughout the course of the game but I was afraid to direct the camera in their direction for fear of getting attacked and my wife left the game early for the same reason)

As a Sixers player is about to attempt a foul shot, a Jazz player waves his arms up and down to encourage the crowd to create a din to distract the shooter and the Jazz parents more than oblige.

At the foul shoot, what comes out of the mother-to-my-left’s mouth is equally charming, “Miss!”

I only regret that I don’t have footage of the Jazz coach giving the angry, verbal abuse to the referees that earned him only one of many deserved technical fouls.

Or of the mother who, when the Jazz were trailing, loudly berated her own son for not getting more rebounds.

Or of the scary, profanity-laced altercation between parents in the parking lot a few weeks ago after another basketball game.

Or of the uniformed police officers who seemed to be less than coincidentally present at Friday night basketball games after that incident.

When I shook the hand of the Jazz coach after the game, I neglected to congratulate him and tell him I was disappointed at our team’s loss but also happy for his players because we are acquainted with these boys and they are poetry in motion driving towards the hoop and scoring!

Instead I told him how glad I was his team won because I didn’t want there to be any blood. I couldn’t have been more sincere.

Brian Rudnick


  1. The woman on the right was like the loud, obnoxious woman in the movie theater in the film "Scary Movie", where she keeps yelling out stuff like "he's behind you". Eventually everyone in the movie theater kills her and ingores he dead body. I hate fans like this.

  2. You're right but these comments are right as well. They're only commenting on the fact that too many of these parents lack education, class and manners. They talk crazy 'cause they have a don't give a Sh_t attitude. That's why so many of our youth are in trouble and all they do is take it out on society. Nobody likes having to put up with rude people but sometimes it seems like we're surrounded. No sense in responding, just letting off a little steam.

  3. If you think football is bad.Just wait until you Ref wrestling

  4. football has more space and is usually outside basketball is in a closed gym so its more disruptive to the YOUNG players…i used to hate parents like that and so did thier kids (few times my team had idiot parents like that)

  5. just a mom supporting the team, whats the problem ?

  6. she just wants lil lebron to be successful

  7. fucking idiots in america, garuntee her son is biggest brat on team and future inmate

  8. What an ignorant loud mouth BITCH! Sad thing is, this is someone's mom. What a shame….I feel sorry for her kids.

  9. They need to just ban people like this. Problem solved.

  10. This is why I REFUSE to officiate youth sports. High school only.

  11. Goes to show you that, no matter what the event, assholes always manage to make it about themselves.

  12. The funny thing is, none of these kids will ever make it in basketball.

  13. She had a shit life so she makes kids feel like shit

  14. The camera pans to the court as if to say; "can you guess who her kid is?"….as one champion is flapping his arms about like a goose.

  15. I had very similar parents at one of my games. I live in a very white, small suburb of New York, and there is this hate for us, by all the inter city teams in our area. We once had a crazy game similar to this with one of these teams. The parents were running on the court and it was out of control. But I almost understand. Almost. For these kids, the only way they will go to college, or escape poverty, may be by playing basketball. So these parents push there kids to be great players. But still, this behavior is Innapropriate.

  16. Not to be ráscist but all I saw were black people clapping and going crazy

  17. What was bad about that?  I didn't see anyone get out of line.

  18. atrocious is the wrong word. a little to loud is the right way to put it. But who cares its a basketball game! Anyone who has a problem with that kind of cheering is wayyyyyyyyyyy to uptight take a zanax

  19. your supposed to distract the other team when shooting free throws its basketball your supposed to have fun and get hype what she did was nothing

  20. Refs should have corrected this. You can’t wave your arms like that in the lane when the other team is shooting. It’s called disconcertion.

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