Arrest warrant issued for man accused of killing woman over basketball game -

Arrest warrant issued for man accused of killing woman over basketball game

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Asia Womack was allegedly shot by a friend after she beat him in a game of basketball.


  1. A dusty…
    I fucking knew it. Trash ass dudes now a days I swear.

  2. They need to get this man off the streets before he kills again! 😨

  3. Bruh imagine everyone in the neighborhood watching you get absolutely waxxed, I mean fuckin seared 😂. Cuz couldn't take it 😂.

  4. I don't believe this story. I think it's a psy-op. If they were friends and she was really that good, then she has beaten him before so why would he delete her that day? Sounds like another anti-black man propaganda piece.

  5. I'm a black man. I'm disgusted by this weak man to take this young lady life over a 🏀 game. He deserves death row or life in a level 5 maximum security prison. 😡

  6. The fragile black male ego is hilarious. The first race to talk about strong they are, yet cry and throw a tantrum because someone stepped on their shoes, go home and get your nails done.

  7. She was playing with the enemy. This dude was never a friend he hated her guts from the get go. There are a lot of specimen like that. This doesn't make no sense. Stop raising sheboy a real man would never do this.

  8. But but but
    Black lives matter
    He was oppressed and if you don't agree
    You're ra ra raaaaciisssst…
    He was only acting out because the pressure of white supremacy. You can't blame him He should have zero accountability, America made him that way…

  9. WHAT?! Over a basketball game…He's definitely not a man for sure. How embarrassing.

  10. Texas has a higher murder rates than New York , Chicago, LA . Red states are dangerous states to live in .

  11. "She's fed him". And there were it all begins. I definitely don't blame her for her death but you never feed a grown man.

  12. What's wrong with black men mentally disturbing

  13. Good they posted his picture. I hope they find this bitch soon!

  14. I tell people all the time, "YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU ARE STANDING NEXT TO" This dude is evil!!! I lost to girls all the time, even though I let them win or I didn't play as hard as I would play a man, because it is a game!!! We were out there to have fun…

  15. He will be found soon, either he will turn himself in or kill himself one of the two

  16. This doesnt surprise me at all, blax will take your life over anything anytime anywhere

  17. He makes black men look bad

  18. Now that's what u call a good game lol… Haha 😄 Too funny

  19. Now everyone knows you lost to a beautiful woman in a basketball game you murderer.

  20. Jesus! My ex use to beat me at basketball I would have never hurt her because of that. Grow some balls wussy.

  21. His family knows where he is EVEN if I was his mother I WOULD DELIVER HIM TO THE JAIL MYSELF 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  22. I hope he gets beaten up before, during and after he plays basketball in prison! 😡

  23. She was teasing him??? Well, some people can't take that kinda stuff especially being beat by a woman in a game.

  24. He was a punk 💅🏻💅🏻👚🌈🌈 no real man would do that to a woman

  25. What is wrong with humanity these days? Treating games like it's do or die. I truly hope death penalty on that sore loser.

  26. What's wrong with his mind ?
    What's wrong with this "man's" mind ?

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