Armed parent threatens students at Corona basketball game -

Armed parent threatens students at Corona basketball game

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A 39-year-old convicted felon was arrested Thursday after allegedly punching several female athletes during a girls’ basketball game in Corona and threatening students with a gun. Sandra Mitchell reports for the KTLA 5 News at 5 on Feb. 3, 2023.

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  1. How embarrassing. A grown man behaving like that

  2. Yeah he looks like a thug/gangster…prolly a woman beater too, who knows.. this is base on his action at the game

  3. Metal detectors would be just "horrible for kids to go through." I guess this is the better way.

  4. Looks like they should have stopped at Thaddis Brooks III

  5. Shouldn't be allowed anywhere near humans, let alone close enough to punch young human girls.

  6. I’m sure he’ll just get out and either do the same thing, or do something worse.

  7. 39 yr old threatening high school girls with a firearm over a basketball scuffle. Lock him up

  8. What reasons would a sane person need to believe they need to bring a gun to the basketball game? Cmon man doing too much

  9. I heard These dam crip gangsters need to be all put away if they can’t live right I’m sick of them 😮

  10. See my Playlist of gun violence updated daily says:

    Argue all you want, the fact is no other first world nation suffers the same amount of gun related deaths/injuries as the US and it's not even close. So whatever we are doing or not doing, something has to change.

  11. @1:09 what an animal !!! Nowadays parents cannot enjoy a nice game !!

  12. Brother you know that you are not one of the entitled one that will not b held accountable we will say some prayers for you may God help you

  13. That parent should be banned from all Highschool & College games for all of his children & grandchildren

  14. I have said for a few years now that we humans are suffering from an illness that is causing outbreaks of uncontrollable rage and violence it’s spreading like the plague of biblical proportions and I’m curious if anyone has similar thoughts and what might be causing this sickness and how to cure and prevent it from affecting more people. Let me know

  15. hes looks like a little boy with that look on his face

  16. O hell na I would have whooped that hoe if he touch my child 👦

  17. This is why I hate team sports. Idiot adults losing their minds over children's games.

  18. Ha ha ha🤣 stupid I am glad grow up know get violated inmates you're are in hope you can't afford your bail😆

  19. Punish the criminals… not the law abiding citizens. 🇺🇲

  20. What an exciting culture ! So much energy yet no work boots in the crowd.

  21. A very "Norman Rockwell" setting in this game of Culture & Diverse interactions.🏀

  22. I was focused on the wrong man in blue😂. Several with blue lady. Thats crip town 💙

  23. They need to ban basketball from all schools. It's a fake sport that produces criminals.

  24. Oh what a shocker, same ole same ole folks we see, but they’re the victims and anyone speaks against it are racist… blame Jorge Soros and the democrats for this

  25. Good hope you do something to this animal.

  26. The school should get the bail money…..Pay for armed guards

  27. Parents acting like this is just idiotic, let the kids play in peace

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