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◼︎I went to a playoff basketball game in Thessaloniki, Greece between POAK vs Promitheas Patras.
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  1. After you cant read a surname, I shut down video…

  2. Find a ticket for Friday's Olympiacos playoff game against Fenerbache. Remember last year Durant was shocked about the atmosphere there

  3. Go to OAKA (Athens) for the Finals Olympiakos-Panathinaikos and to Leoforos to watch the Second Game from Last week in Thessaloniki

  4. Bane Πρέλεβιτς it is the greatest player in P.A.O
    K. History.

  5. Basketball team of paok is in decline for more of ten years . Team have no goal for fans to support .

  6. Since you came in Athens, head on to Piraeus on Friday to watch Olympiacos for the Euroleague Playoffs. The stadium there will be packed and the crows goes crazy!

  7. They playingTupac in the background. Hell yeah. REAL BALLERS in Greece. Greetings from Croatia!

  8. Worst game u could of visited, go to the finals or euroleague playoffs instead if you want to experience the greek atmosphere

  9. bro i hope you got tickets for Olympiacos vs Fener in euroleague that is on this Wendesday… Its gonna be HUGE

  10. Bro come to Leoforos Panathinaikos vs AEK, the winner will be the champion 99%

  11. Go paok-aris next week football in toumpa fireeeee

  12. Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain, Turkey and most other countries that touch the Mediterranean take basketball especially serious. Most European arenas have better gameday atmospheres than the likes of the blueblood college teams.

  13. Are you going to the arsenal vs Man city game? That boy DaBronco With Da Fro about to be there for the game.

  14. Wow that atmosphere is lit! Great Video bro 💯👍

  15. Bane Prelevic was one of the greatest players who play not only in PAOK but in Greek league…Legend of PAOK and Serbian basketball…

  16. Bane prelevic jersey was retired a month ago and the atmosphere in the stadium was fire … you should have gone in this match it was PAOK AEK

  17. If you want real good basketball teams you should go to Athens and Peiraeus.
    Olympiacos is currently going for the euroleague and Panathinaikos is the 3rd all time best basketball club in Europe .

  18. What a game! Be strong man you are the best!!!💪

  19. The stadium had only 1500-2000 fans because the football team of paok was facing panathinaikos the same day (football is more famous than basketball in Greece so the ultras prefered to go there). Also in previous day there was paok vs olybiakos at volleyball (final) where the stadium was full . I hope you will come to palataki again to feel the real atmosphere which paok fans are making.great video 👍

  20. μπασκετ στο παλατακι ειναι σαν να πας σε εκκλησια, κριμα τα λεφτα σου

  21. paok second club in Thessaloniki the best club in Thessaloniki is ARIS paok has only 2 championships and ARIS 10🟡⚫️

  22. They don’t even fill up their stadium 🤣🤣🤣 and they are in 5 location in the championship and ARIS was 8 with a lot of massacres from refs and in all games it had sold out

  23. Hey man, Bane Prelevic is a legend of the team, in the 90s, when the team won titles and European titles and glory. His jersey retirement Wan in 1st of April and you can see the crowd packing the stadium for him at
    You went in a match at the day when we had the football match, where people usually go and fill the stadium. Also, at the same court, just the night before, we had volley final until 12,30 am, and was a very hard game with much crowd! When the arena is filled, you can't hear anyone's voice, unless they shout into your ears 😁😁

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