Amazing Full Court Buzzer Beaters in Basketball -

Amazing Full Court Buzzer Beaters in Basketball

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I made sure to credit the independent channels (not that of a league or news channel) that uploaded the original videos, I apologize if any of the channels I credited weren’t the original uploaders of the video.

*Some of these shots aren’t the entire length of the court, however, all shots in this video were made from 3/4 court and beyond

Some video clips had to be left out because either they weren’t made before the buzzer, not long enough, or because of copyright claims.

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Outro Song: Friendzone – Chuch

Outro made by: @BlackoutCreates on twitter

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  1. Dont mean to be a stickler but alot of these were 3/4 shots not full court

  2. The rainy lamp probably kiss because ticket genomically tumble apud a bent sort. moaning, black-and-white text

  3. Bru they make it look so easy, this is next level

  4. Best thing about the baron davis 92 foot shot is the guy in the bottom right calling it from the start

  5. In the women’s game it was end of 2nd quarter and they had 35 points max 😂😂😂

  6. They should make the 1/2 court line a 4 point shot.

  7. 7:30
    Announcer: …and that's the way the third quarter will end.
    Number 30: …and I took that personally.

  8. Who’s here after Embiid almost made the full-court shot against the Suns?

  9. 7:31
    Announcer: "…and that's the way the 3rd Quarter will end."
    Player: "No, THAT'S the way the 3rd Quarter will end." 👌

  10. Dude you put like 4 of the same clip in the video 🤦‍♂️

  11. They all were 100% sure that they would be able to do it. 100% control of one's body. Like a cyborg.

  12. 台灣行車紀錄器影片 Taiwan Dash Cam says:

    2:07 LOL they actually won that game with the buzzer

  13. A lot of these high school courts look better than NBA courts as far as surroundings

  14. The fact this happens so much that someone made a 13 minute video on it and I can't even do it in 2k😔😔

  15. How are these amazing this is light work…

  16. …da igual donde lo hagas, la "satisfaccion" es la misma..

  17. Some of them kids have thrown legendary points

  18. Imagine missing a free throw from that close and then the other dude yeets it across the court 😂

  19. Great job using the same clips multiple times.

    Gotta extend that bud for the ad revenue huh?

    👏 👏 👏

  20. 4:33 that guy is strong. i'm not sure if that one should have counted.

  21. Why do all these players act like they have done this before the chance of players making this 1 in million

  22. did no one notice in 11:47 it was Steph "Chef look at Curry man"?

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