Amazing Full Court Buzzer Beaters in Basketball -

Amazing Full Court Buzzer Beaters in Basketball

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I made sure to credit the independent channels (not that of a league or news channel) that uploaded the original videos, I apologize if any of the channels I credited weren’t the original uploaders of the video.

*Some of these shots aren’t the entire length of the court, however, all shots in this video were made from 3/4 court and beyond

Some video clips had to be left out because either they weren’t made before the buzzer, not long enough, or because of copyright claims.

(if any of the links don’t work, check most recent video)
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Outro Song: Friendzone – Chuch

Outro made by: @BlackoutCreates on twitter

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  2. 3:35 No one's going to ask about this? I guess I will… that's little person league?

  3. The title should be: How Steph Curry shoots the ball.

  4. no such thing as beatx or winx or not, idts, any s k, doesnt matter

  5. 6:52 or 6:53 it was Miller who shot that… not Rondo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  6. You ruined it with that bonus Clip……… That Shit is FAKE ASS HELL!!!

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  8. I wonder what ever happen to this guy isn’t he in the nba? 11:47

  9. 1:06 That might have been the craziest one, but because it hit the top of the backboard it will be waved off.
    3:35 I thought the players were kids until I saw some of them were bearded! It must be a dwarf league.
    9:29 There are a whole lot of sponsors on that court!

  10. This is the worst thing that happened to me in 2k. I was up by 3, and somehow that was the shot that sent the game into overtime. We went on to lose the game!😠


  12. Most of these are 3/4 shots. The only (close enough) full court shots are those of the high schoolers at 4:35 and 4:48 (which was insane)

  13. High school kid: Makes full court shot with one hand.

    Football Coaches: Scribbling furiously

  14. wire really said hold my electricity rq

  15. the first one the team won anyways but that shouldn't have counted

  16. This happen when my brother basketball match, at the last second and hit the long range shot.

  17. Its weird when they use full court shot when the time is almost done..

  18. Can the NBA please make full court shots worth at least 10 points?

  19. The 🐐 was @ 4:48…. turn the volume all the way up… you'll hear the kid saying yes…. yes… then a loud YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS AND HIGHSTEP CELEBRATING AND JUMPING INTO HIS TEAMMATES ARMS……… BEFORE THE SHOT WENT IN!!!!!! Unk Shay Voice LET THAT SINK IN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  20. What are the teams at 4:32 so i can find the full video

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