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#9 Kansas vs Oklahoma Basketball Game Highlights 2 11 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#9 Kansas vs Oklahoma Basketball Game Highlights 2 11 2023
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  1. Thanks for the weekend highlights per usual, was wondering if Creighton/UConn will be one of the covered games today?

  2. Thank you sir for having these up so fast! Very much appreciated! Keep it up

  3. Can we get jay write the just color commentary by himself

  4. Udeh is key for march, also gotta get Mcullar to remember how to score a damn 3 pointer

  5. Thanks Matthew – didn't get to watch but appreciate your posting!

  6. Udeh is a SUPERSTAR in the making. I’ve been screaming for 2 months….PLAY UDEH MORE….and see what happens. In 18 minutes, he scores 8 points, 4 rebounds, 2 blocked shots, 2 steals, and 1 assist. And that’s for less than half the game!!!

  7. Perfectly BALANCED Kansas Jayhawks boxscore.

    Harris 16pt
    Udeh 8pts.

    *Love that KU only took 10 3pointers.
    Hitting a perfect 5.

    We are at our BEST attacking paint/rack & Harris inserting himself OFFENSIVELY!

  8. KU has THE BEST trio of Wings in Country.
    (Wilson, Dick, McCullar.)

  9. Harris just keeps getting better and better. What a floor general.

  10. Wilson & Dick?

    Completely GREEN LIGHT on 3s if have daylight.

  11. I KNOW KJ can hit those 8-10footers.
    But he DOESN'T need shoot those unless…
    – First 10mins of game.
    – KU is up +13pts in 2ndHalf.

  12. McCullar?
    He makes this team SO MUCH BETTER!!!
    When he's getting to paint & either taking it to Rim, getting fouled or sweet dish!

    No mo 3s, for you McCullar.
    Unless WIDE OPEN.

    (I don't mind him taking open looks.
    But keep it 2-3 3point attempts per.)

  13. Oklahoma is not very good. No surprise on this outcome.

  14. Dude Jankovich is a REAL 'deadly' sniper… Been on the bench ALL game…..COMES IN…. SWIIIIISH…… City.

  15. love to see this. this game made me very excited for next year… I hooooope Grady comes back, but if not we still have Harris, Pettiford, Yesefu at guard. with MJ, KJ, Udeh, Ejiofor at forward / center. and the two new guards coming in next year. 

    Udeh is going to make an awesome pro

  16. KU plays their best when they start the game with tough defense, including blocking out and boarding. On offense, attacking the paint and the basket in a balanced way, not heaving 3s from 25 feet. Getting everyone involved, so their stat sheet has 6 guys scoring in double figures and the bench contributing as well.

  17. Ive been saying it since preseason, Udeh is gonna be a problem. Self is slowly working him in which is smart but that dude is gonna be a force when he's in the starting 5.

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