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#9 Kansas vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 1 28 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#9 Kansas vs Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 1 28 2023
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  1. Even a mediocre big 12 team, Oklahoma, took out Alabama easily!! LoL 😂

  2. I just want to take the time to say thank you Matthew. You're the best

  3. LEAVE LIVINGSTON IN THE GAME, for God's sakes. When Liv was in, UK was up.

    And when we're down, who's the better the 3-pt shooter Livingston or Toppin? Livingston is everything Toppin is + a better passer + better 3-pt shooter + better on D + better ball stealer.

  4. College basketball is good this year. All the major well known teams are dangerous. There are no mediocre teams

  5. this was a W KU needed..Wilson got some help, the bench made some contributions and the defense was good..now lets hope they can protect home court vs KSU and go on a little winning streak

  6. Billy Mcfalls where was the caution you dumb ass says:

    That was the worst officiating game I have seen in awhile

  7. Good game, two good teams. Kentucky was right there til the end. Just couldn’t get two stops together

  8. Another thing Kansas was shooting lights out with those 3 pointers. So Kentucky beat these guys in the paint. But their outside game was not so good. Fire your coach Kentucky.

  9. CJ made 1 basket in the First 2 minutes and didn’t score again. Livingston played a great 1st half. Play 2 minutes at the beginning of the 2nd half and then never left the bench. Oscar sat at the scorer’s table waiting to get into the game while Kansas went on a run down the stretch of the 1st half. Way to save your timeouts Cal!!! Carpetbagger Cal is a terrible coach.

  10. Kentucky showed what they could do at then #5 Tennessee at Tennessee. Kansas busting those 3s and a at least 3 missed free throws from Kentucky, they should have lost by more than 9. 4 baskets and a free throw or 3 threes? That ain't nothing. Beat a team by more than 10 then you doing something.

  11. Great win ROCK CHALK! It’s been fun playing you Kentucky. I respect Calipari enough that i don’t want to see him fired. That’s as far as I’m going with that.

  12. Thank you Matthew for your speed and skills. I hope you never stop loving ball

  13. Kentucky will still make the NCAA tournament just being who they ARE.. The will be a low seed. Right now everyone is seeing that cal, can't coach. He only has one championship with all that talent he has had over the yrs.

  14. Boy, there’s a lot of grey haired students @ Rupp Arena watching the game

  15. Some of those fouls where
    😊 very questionable

  16. Thanks Matt! NOTE TO ALL OF THE DESPODENT UK FANS: Last year Carolina proved that you can suck 💩all season long, then get hot in March and make a run. As Yogi Bear said, "Hey Boo Boo, it ain't over 'til it's over."😎✌

  17. What’s sad is even Self looked sorry for Ky when he shook Calipari’s hand. Calipari didn’t exude any positivity. He grimaced and looked like he was pathetic. That lack of confidence spreads to the players. We’re just not that good.

  18. Thanks for posting all these great highlights videos

  19. The Big 12 is unreal. 3/4 of the league could make the tournament

  20. 12 seconds run off with no foul. Kentucky coach good at cheating but not at basketball.

  21. UK could not beat the refs,Oscar got fouled about every time he was passed the ball but crickets from the refs.

  22. Big 12 went 7-3 against the sec. So can we stop pretending the SEC is a good basketball conference

  23. Five count them five Level 1 recruiting violations on Kansas and the NCAA……….Nothing but crickets chirping.

  24. Poorest shooting Kentucky team I have ever seen. Thank you Matthew !

  25. Big 12 looks like the best basketball conference from an SEC guy #RTR

  26. Cj Fredrick is trash, cal needs to run a zone this teams defense is horrible

  27. Oscar fouled a Kansas big guy early but the Kansas guy got called for an offensive. Ky always gets the calls. I don’t like either team but Ky favoritism was obvious.

  28. Bill self is trash he can't teach defence if his life was put on it smh fire him

  29. 🏆🤦🏽‍♂️ This game was one for the books 📙 Lengendary. 🏀

  30. Is there a trasfter portal for coaches? And Athletic Directors? Calipari and Barnhart would be a great start for that.

  31. How in the world did Kentucky lose this game, that might be one of the more one sided second halves in terms of foul calls I’ve ever seen and Kentucky still couldn’t win😂

  32. Thank u for uploads!

    Rock Chalk.

    I'm gearing up for another Championship!

    Chiefs, now Jayhawks again, then Chiefs again February 2024.

    Back and Forth.

    My 35yrs a LOYAL fan of both is paying off.

    KC Royals will return soon too.

    2024 MLB Season? WildCard


  33. My Final Four…

    KU, UK, Bay, Gonz


    Pur, Hou, Vir, Bama?
    At least 2 of those 4 DONT make Sweet16.
    Maybe 3.

  34. Back exactly 1 month after this KU win.

    I tried tell UK fans chill on Calipari after this loss on Twitter.

    I mean "YOU really wanna see life in Lexington WITHOUT Calipari?"

    ^^^ I told them.

    *Here we are, 1 day away fr March 1st. Kentucky starting look dangerous.

    Gonzaga? Best thing they got going for them is fact hype around them last 5yrs is FINALLY gone.
    Imo for Zags?
    Good thing.
    Timmie is outstanding College Basketball player.
    That kid ain't going out QUIET.

  35. As a Kansas fan, only thing I was PISSED about is that Kentucky wasn't RANKED this gm!

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