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#9 Kansas vs #17 Baylor Basketball Game Highlights 1 23 2023

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#9 Kansas vs #17 Baylor Basketball Game Highlights 1 23 2023
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  1. This has to be a good match up I’m hooked ✨☘️🇬🇧 let’s go !

  2. Baylor is Strong against Kansas when Baylor is at their home court. Baylor is going to rank up while the defending champs Kansas is going to be below 10th ranked in the nation.

  3. Kansas just needs an easy game to get back on track sadly they don't get one for another 3 weeks.😒

  4. I’m at a loss of words like wow! Something needs to happen fast or we won’t repeat at all. 2019 squad was the worst under self. I hope they don’t end up like them.

  5. :O wow wow thast crazy again 3 in a row KU!

  6. Dude New Mexico vs Nevada next with double overtime

  7. Such a strong league the Big 12 is. Perhaps the best in the NCAA!

  8. Quite the lovely game for that KU fan that keeps going off in the comments to digest

  9. Just no rebounding by Kansas. Just completely outworked. What a waste, especially considering they have two of the best perimeter wings in the nation.

  10. KU is playing some Very Hot shooting teams at the moment. It's not going to get any easier for KU either. Turnovers, not beating teams to spots and allowing teams Offensive rebounds is why KU has lost 3 straight games, imo. Great job by Baylor. Go KU!!!

  11. Baylor needs a real Pg Flagler & cryer are shooting guards that’s why they have trouble sometimes when playing good defensive teams !

  12. Is it me or this game was called a little too tight ?

  13. The top 25 is dangerous this year! March madness is going to be insane

  14. No ku sucks fire bill self he can't teach defence that evidence

  15. I remember when people said KU was overrated last year after a couple of tough losses. It's okay all us KU fans had a great time on bourbon street after the championship!:)

  16. you need to have a rebounder, what you guys are doing?

  17. KU is 16-4. A year ago they were about similar at 17-3 and you know what happened.

  18. My favorite part of this game was when the camera panned over to Bill Self and you caould see him mouth "theyre so much better than us".

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