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#9 Arkansas vs LSU Basketball Game Highlights 12 28 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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#9 Arkansas vs LSU Basketball Game Highlights 12 28 2022
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  1. Hey we might have lost here but the rematch.

  2. Arkansas has a lot of talent on this team but they have a lot of maturing to do together. They are going to have a difficult time in the SEC especially on the road this year if they don't grow up in a hurry and stop make it so many mistakes.

  3. Never stop doing what you do Matt, always so quick at getting these uploaded. You’re the man! Geaux Tigers!

  4. #1 for LSU absolutely mugs RC and no call. K. Gotta love refs

  5. Arkansas fans love making excuses

  6. No excuse in this game Arkansas didn't shoot from the 3 well got to knock down to open shot

  7. Razorback fan here, and we had every chance in the world to win that game. Missed free throws, and cold from 3 point land cost us that game. SEE YOU AT OUR HOUSE LSU….GOOD LUCK ON THE SEASON. SEC looking good this year.

  8. Great game, tough loss. It’s never easy on the road in the SEC. This team is young and continuing to get better, can’t wait for the rematch in Bud, WPS

  9. Thanks for the game. That was dumb, LSU. You can't feel proud about it, but it is basketball. In my mind i want a top 10 after not being ranked at all. If i'm LSU. Go hogs tho. That made me real mad

  10. I been saying this Arkansas team is overrated every since the longhorns exposed them in the scrimmage game this season.

  11. If Black is the point guard them he needs to run point get them the ball unless he gonna take over the game …who is ever running point needs to run point

  12. LSU had multiple turnovers late. Could have easily lost.

  13. Arkansas ain't the 9th best team in America and LSU should be ranked.

  14. Y’all meet PAMELA_MICHELE11 she got me Xmas gifts just confirmed $2k

  15. Who is that Arkansas fan with the high pitched scream??? My goodness that's obnoxious

  16. Arkansas didn’t do well shooting free throws. I think if Nick Smith played we would have had it. But a game is a game. They won’t be top 10 anymore tho.
    Hope they are ready for the rematch at Bud Walton. WPS!

  17. LSU will do like Creiton… A loseing streek comin

  18. I’m only here to see the LSU fan flip off that b#%ch that kept screaming

  19. refs stole the game from arkansas terrible…

  20. What I've noticed over the past two years in the SEC, is teams win 75 percent of the time when at home. What separates the best teams in the league is their ability to win the road games. Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Auburn, ect all were almost undefeated at home last year. So I think it's safe to say the scheduling of each team and who plays who in a home and home, and the single game meetings determine a huge part of the year every year. Missouri, and LSU and Mississippi State are all surprisingly good this year. It is going to be an interesting season

  21. Ark done lol,ev1 thinks ark will go to final 4 lmfao wske up

  22. ARKANSAS YOU SUCK AND IF YOU CAN'T BEAT US than good luck vs Mizzou January 4th

  23. L.E.V.I. [Listing Epic Videos Immediately] says:

    LET’S GEAUX 🐯😤

  24. Glad to see the Tigers pull this one out, but too sloppy in the 2nd half to compete in the SEC going forward. If Hannibal #0 can keep this up, he will be a force to reckon with. Glad to see the refs keep their whistles in their pockets and not call a foul every time someone was touched. Let's hope we can hang w/ Kentucky coming up and open some eyes around the country. Geaux Tigers!!!

  25. I love these 25 minute highlight videos! Please keep posting, awesome highlights to a great game between two good teams. KJ Williams is a beast and how about Hannibal! Maybe just maybe a coach who inherited zero players to his first seasons roster can get off to an 11-1 record and win a fist fight against a top 10 a legit top 10 team. Great win! The Razorbacks are going to be in the discussion for a top seed and final 4 but this one was sweet and the 25 minute condensed version was sweeter to watch! Keep it up boys, stock the college basketball world and keep winning! Ugly or pretty…

  26. Proud of my hogs great game. Let's go hogs

  27. This is what happens when track and field schools try to be good at other sports. Sorry Arkansas, at-least it was fun while it lasted before Nick Smith jr quit. . .

  28. Arkansas easily has the worst luck with injuries that I have ever seen.

  29. Mizzou fan here. Not looking forward to playing LSU twice this year… absolutely gonna be a rock fight foul fest

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