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8th Grade Boys vs. Girls Basketball Game

Church of Saint Mary
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Go Guardians! Eighth Grade Boys compete against the Eighth Grade Girls in a half-length basketball game.


  1. Coach what do we do ? "Pass it to Will…I mean the yellowband kid"

  2. Imagine if the boys were post pubescent….

  3. From beginning jump ball, to losing possession, to regaining possession, and scoring… took 19 seconds. Just throwing that out there.

  4. What's the name o the song being played in the background in during the initial phases?

  5. Just head band take over, red shoes shot is trash

  6. Girls had the height advantage and… lost by double digits

  7. Are they really in 8th grade? They look like they're in 6th or 7 th grade

  8. Yellow headband is a small Giannis Antetokounmpo👏👏

  9. So no more driving to the hoop.. just be lazy and shoot 3's. Even these kids are lazy and where is the Coach to tell them to set it up. I feel sad for the next generation of Lazy kids…

  10. Doesn't seem like they're in 8th grade, I remember everyone looked older.

  11. this cant be 8th grade. They missing every 3 pointer possible. maybe its cause of the school I went to, but jesus. its brick city out there.

  12. The girls played very well..kept thinking what are you feeding those young ladies

  13. Kids fathers after the game: you allowed 12 points?
    Kid: yes
    Kids father to kids mother: take your son home

  14. Yellow headband is a high school senior now. I expect that he has several d1 offers

  15. When you knew who would win at the start of the video

  16. I won a state championship at that age scoring 50 points I would love to verse girls that would be funny af

  17. Girls were 5 inches taller than most of them and still got dogged💀

  18. The game is great. The video I mean is great. However, I'm autistic, so what you think is background music is foreground for me and I can't enjoy the actual sounds of the game. I had to mute and miss-out. What a shame.

  19. I still want to see a wnba team play a high school boys team

  20. Just STOP with the 3 pointers YOU ARE NOT CURRY

  21. I stopped watching sports altogether but I made an exception here just to see their demeanor. It was just kids having a fun time. No bravado, nor bad sportsmanship. Thanks for letting me enjoy sports 1 more time

  22. The boys seem slightly more athletic but the girls team play was way more impressive to me. Especially in the first half. Entertaining game

  23. Some random guy you found in the comments says:

    How does this have this many views?

  24. This is about the age where men and women start to seperate when it comes to physicality. Notice how the men and women look about the same size and seemed about the same skill level? Yeah..that's going to change drastically once they hit high school.

  25. The point guard in the girl's team also had great dribbling and shooting skills during the game. 9:329:36 is one of the attempts she tries to use skills to score. Although she misses scoring, she was able to use advanced skills that helped her to get through the boy's side. Other comments complement the point guard in the boy's team, but I think both point guards did well in their position by leading the team with points.

  26. There are many sports, boys and girls enjoy together which require skill than strength such as Golf, Archery, Shooting, table tennis, chess, pool table and so on..

  27. Keep religion out of sports….god doesn't give a damn about who wins or loses. As for this stupid idea of allowing boys and girls to play against each other, whoever thought of that should lose his or her job. Listen, when it comes to sports, women will never be as good as men! So, stop this stupid argument already…just stop!!!!

  28. Refs slanted no calls with ladies crashing into gents. As others have said I remember being eye to eye at 8th grade prom but being taller than all but one same night with ladies by grade 11 prom. More muscle too. Too long a game with out score up. Q 1 to boys by 5 best I can tell.

  29. Boys 23 to 12 just when I was going to leave I caught score board to advance video.

  30. If our class played boys vs girls basketball than the girls will never touch basketball again 🤣🤣

  31. This has got to be small private school basketball. These are the most un-athletic little white 8th grade boys I’ve prob ever seen. As many missed layups and air balls as made baskets.
    Reminds me of the private school here in my town. The public school 8th grade team could wipe the floor with the private school’s varsity team lol. This looks very similar…but I guess someone had to make a point that “it was competitive”. Not in real life folks….would love to know both teams season records. I would guess it was polar opposites

  32. Story time: when I was in middle school, our
    boys' soccer team (ages 12-14), had a match against our
    girls' varsity team (ages 14-18).

    The boys team was good, but not the best. In our league matches we won more than we lost, but got 2nd place in our tournament.
    The varsity girl's team, however, absolutely dominated their league, going undefeated and placing 1st in their tournament…

    One practice day, our coach had us boys run 45mins run through the woods to the soccer field as a "warmup", where we saw the girl's varsity team, already practicing (they took the bus), and the coaches announced that we'd have us a little match. Despite our age difference and the fact that we were exhausted from the 45min run, we still beat them 11 – 0. Not even close.

    No disrespect to women's sports, but anyone comparing men & women needs to wake up.

  33. I see 23 Boyz & 12 Girls Nice try with all the yelling ladies for a basket (its a spanking) all gets a free ball ?????

  34. Play this game again in 4 years when the boys hit puberty and grow in high school.

  35. Men and woman are equal but different. 2+2=4 but 3+1 also = 4. Equal but different. Women in general can not compete with men when it comes to physicality. It is what it is.

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