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8th Grade Boys vs. Girls Basketball Game

Church of Saint Mary
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Go Guardians! Eighth Grade Boys compete against the Eighth Grade Girls in a half-length basketball game.


  1. Put me in there I would've had 32 7 and 15 ong

  2. Everyone's talking about the boy with the yellow bandana. Can we also appreciate the girl with white bandana, she's awesome.

  3. Tbh, this would’ve been more entertaining if it was everyone against yellow headband, he’d probably still win

  4. In 2 years the boys would massacre the girls.

  5. Let me guess. and the girls where stunning and brave

  6. I would take it easy on them and just make them run a lap (1/4 a mile) for every point they didn’t score below 50 and for every point the girls scored. My AAU coach made us run a mile for every point we lost by that had to be completed before we were allowed to play in the next game. We lost 3 games in 4 years.

  7. Even at that age when girls are taller than boys they get absolutely destroyed in anything sports related.

  8. Looks like half the boys didn't start puberty yet.

  9. This is where most girls are reaching their highest athletic potential, it's down hill from here in most cases, the boys on the other hand are still developing their strength, they're still growing and still have a good three years to go before coming close to full potential. I'm sure they're having fun.

  10. I wish I got to play middle school teams like this

  11. girls in 8th grade have more advantage than boys in grade 8 because girls develop faster

  12. The yellow headband got more points than the girls team

  13. The yellow think that is that good. For scoring against girls like bruh

  14. I'd say in 6th grade they'd be physically even, but still boys might win because boys are pushed into sports more.

  15. 8th grade is pretty much the late grade where girls can compete with boys. After that it would have been an embarrassment.

  16. A good HS boys team might win against a bad WNBA team.

  17. put these boys against a public 8th grade team and they would get smoked

  18. Final score: Boys 23 / Girls 12 * pretends to be shocked *

  19. Yellow bandana will end up dating all those girls, in the future.

  20. Snatch that pass …Its going to be a slaughter. 😎👍🤦‍♂️#43 needs to practice on them 3r's

  21. 23 / 12 ! why did the boy's team decide to go easy on the girls? possible future dates w / petting option?

  22. That was the 'brainwash' tape in the background.

  23. Bruh their all missing their 3’s, not even bricking them

  24. Bruh their stepping into their 3’s too🤣🤣🤣

  25. I know the foul limitations for physicality in sports like these, as I played Bball in the alternate season after mainly focusing on Rugby and athletics in 8th(here that is 12 years age) to 12th grade. I cant even begin to imagine the 8th grade boys footballing against girls. There were huge collisions at pace. I even recall at a regional level one of my friends, who had an axe shoulder, going hammertime on the biggest guy on the field (who was a state rep) with a power shoulder and the guy getting stretchered off the field. If we had played the girls and gone full tilt as we did there would have been 13 ambulance trips in about 5 minutes , its a ridiculous thought, we were already belting each other. I can remember the friends who had the mother's that wouldnt let them play contact sports, they were only allowed to play soccer, basketball and cricket, so thats about as amicable as you would get, but still those particular power movements in all those sports should generally monster the girls. In saying that there are some fairly soft natured guys who still like being sport active but dont dial up the testosterone.

  26. All the kids have the airball shot down pat..

  27. Yellow head band was the only one on the court that could play. lol

  28. It's crazy how bad the defence and how good that attack are. In Europe the defence is absolutely on another level

  29. These 8th graders look so small the 8th graders at my school are super tall

  30. Whats wild is that in 8th grade boys and girls are roughly the same size

  31. Yellow bandana kid was taking no prisoners today.

  32. Well, the outcome was already known before the game started but at least the girls made it somewhat competitive.

  33. sad goodbye, "ok everyone out" nothing to see here.

  34. Give the boys 1-2 years more and the physical difference between the two teams Will be very obvious!!!!!

  35. The girls' obvious mistake was failing to get yellow headband person to identify as a girl.

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