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#8 Gonzaga vs BYU Basketball Game Highlights 1 12 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#8 Gonzaga vs BYU Basketball Game Highlights 1 12 2023
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  2. Gonna pretend like they didn’t insult Allen Fieldhouse at the beginning…

  3. WHAT. A. WIN! Enjoy the Big 12 Mormons. Hate to see you go, love to watch you boo!

  4. Wow great job refs and I don't even have a dog in this fight

  5. Great game both teams played well. Really close and tough loss for BYU. Thank you.

  6. Zags winning like kardiac Kansas jayhawks 🤔

  7. Obviously I wanted Gonzaga to win but I kind of felt sorry for BYU at the end(biggest fan East of the Mississippi River)

  8. Wait til they play a real team they’ll get blowed out scraping by these shit teams just wait

  9. AAARRRGGGHHHHH! C'MON BYU. What an exciting game. Sigh….dang Y. Props to the Zags who just wouldn't quit. HUGE 3 point bucket at the end (and sorry miss under the basket by the Y). Man, that's a tough loss.

  10. Rushed a contested shot with less than a minute and 25 seconds on the shot clock, bro…

  11. Watched this live, what a thrilla! Now I can watch it again and again. Thanks Matthew. 😎

  12. As a Wyoming Alum, that building has a special place in my heart.
    Seeing the Cougs go down at home almost bought a tear to my eye.

    Just kidding. Go Zags.

  13. Bad coaching BYU had 20 seconds to attack instead they try the hero ball SMH .VERY BAD COACHING

  14. Have to watch those picks. Gave him to much space to start with. That’s why the pick ocurred. When I saw a pick coming I closed in to prevent that

  15. That inbounds pass wtf. BYU CHOKED TF OUT OF THAT

  16. I’m going to miss BYU in the WCC. Provo is always a challenge and their program is always tough, may not make the tournament but it will be a fight. Enjoy getting one of the best atmospheres in college basketball Big 12.

  17. Oh well, at the end it's just a game. BYU will get better, and so will Gonzaga.

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