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#8 Baylor vs #10 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 2 5 2022

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#8 Baylor vs #10 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 2 5 2022
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  1. BigXII Conference an Overtime in the 2019 National Title game & National Pandemic fr potentially winning 4 of last 5 National Titles.


  3. National Champions! Kansas Jayhawks 2022!

  4. Little did anyone know this is now a matchup of the B2B National Champions!
    BigXII Power! Toughness!

  5. Beatdown by Kentucky at HOME was THE BEST THING happen for this 2021-22 Jayhawks team……

    THAT what shitty 24hrs that January Sat-Sun.
    Chiefs then gave away a 3rd straight Super Bowl apperance.

  6. Baylor would've gotten past UNC (as they should of?)
    Kansas vs Baylor 2022 National Title game.

  7. Idc what anyone says.
    Kansas and Baylor were best two teams in country March 2020.

    Kansas and Baylor may been best two teams March 2022 as well.

    Baylor erasing UNC 28pt 2ndHalf lead clearly proves they were much better than UNC and as a Jayhawks fan I KNOW Baylor would been harder to beat if Baylor had made 2022 National Title game.

  8. I believe that Kentucky loss at home then this absolute BEATDOWN of this very very good Baylor team was very important mentally for this Kansas team.

    Shit? Kansas vs Baylor 2023 National Title game is coming.(Should been in 2020 & 2022.)
    Remember I said it. (4•12•22)

    Lol on side note? Scott Drew has be smiling sarcastically after he TIED Bill Self with (1) National Title.
    The very next season Bill Self gets #2.

  9. As a Baylor fan congrats to Kansas. What a game they played. Baylor missed alot of open shots and shots at the rim but that happed because of the defensive intensity that we have not seen out of Kansas this year. This Baylor team is a shell of themselves right now. I hope these two teams can play a third time in Kansas City with both teams completely healthy.

  10. That means Kentucky is 60 points better than Baylor

  11. Been saying this since Baylor first lost those 2 games. Baylor is just bad. They lost to Alabama and got destroyed by Kansas

  12. Kansas looked like a completely different team against Baylor… from wow,to WOW 😁

  13. 18:49 This one of those passes where you're saying out loud to the shooter "You better make this shot." You have to pay off that pass and effort with points.

  14. You can start hearing Kansas fans chanting "Overrated" at Baylor toward the end of this game. Personally, I've never understood that chant, it doesn't make any sense to me. Even if you think a team is overrated you shouldn't say it. To me it's more of an insult to the team you support. It's like you're saying that you don't think that your team is capable of beating a ranked team by 24. If anything, you should think that "No, the other team is ranked exactly where they should be, and we are just that damn good to blow them out of the gym."

  15. Just cute. The student section making noise tryna be loud. Bless their heart.

  16. Good to see Kansas coming back to show these anylast that they are better than what they think. Losing to KY isn't that bad Because whenever KY is in their A game ain't nobody beating them..They weren't about to Let that happen to them again.

  17. 💥💥 big win for my Kansas jayhawks vs the defending national champion Baylor. I wish we could've played like this at home against Kentucky but great win today nevertheless.

  18. Game told me everything about how good sec is and how uk is just on another level compared to these big 12 teams. Congrats to ku nice win!!

  19. Baylor lost a lot of key players from last year. They are not the same. Kansas is gd but, it won't be enough.

  20. Even with as good as a first half you think Kansas had remember UK scored 51…

  21. Good job with full game highlights! Thanks! Missed the game but felt like I didn’t with this video!

  22. Three count them, three Level I violations the NCAA tagged Kansas with and so far, nothing but crickets chirping. The NCAA is about as feckless as Daniel and Lemu the Emu. Add to that, the officials in this game seem to be in Bill Self's pocket. Look at the foul differential in favor of KU.

  23. Kansas taking #8 position and giving #10 to Bears.

  24. Kansas is gonna be a one an done come march trash ass program

  25. kansas def doing some extra sprints for the last basket

  26. i thought baylor was like missing players or something when i saw that score

  27. Scott Drew has lost alot of my respect, from pre match, complaining about the game they lost in AFH bc of "missed calls" and even going to the lengths to point out that ref and what calls he missed, to crying on the court when a charge was called. Your never going to win with the victim mentality Coach Drew has against Kansas

  28. I love the JayHAWKS but I love the Big 12 program a lot of teams left ,but the big 12 programs teams always makes it to the big dance where are the teams who left who knows but i don't see them making it. Congratulations to all the Coach's and the players let go and dance and win!!!!!

  29. This shows how great Kentucky is . To come in and whoop up on Kansas at they're house.!!!

  30. I absolutely loved watching Kentucky dismantle KU at phag field house.

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