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#8 Arizona vs #4 UCLA Basketball Game Highlights 3 4 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#8 Arizona vs #4 UCLA Basketball Game Highlights 3 4 2023
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  1. Any tips to get full games for highlights thinking about posting vids

  2. aye matt just wanna say thanks for your commitment to these highlights dude. you must put a lot of work into this. you're a saint and ur vids mean a lot.

  3. Sold out crowd RonRon got nothing to say now

  4. Thanks as always for the pro upload. Clark please get well. Ucla seems to be starting slow a lot – that could be dangerous in the tourney. But the d and rebounding are still top notch – see Jaquez jarring balls lose often.


  5. Refs feeding UCLA like their own children. Absolutely poor officiating. 

    Thanks for the content, Matthew.

  6. UCLA will be screwed without Clark in the tournament.

  7. My boys knew the drill. Defense to offense. Christ-fearing. 💪🏾🔥🏆 #4sUp

  8. Mr Walton you were good bb player back in the days but in my opinion not good comentarios for UCLA and the Bruins will not become nationaal Champions

  9. Arizona ain’t shit. UCLA is the real deal. I’m praying for Clark

  10. Thanks for a great 👍 year matt. I know you put a lot of work in

  11. Too bad you can't edit out Walton's commentary.

  12. Just over two minutes left and Kerr, a good 3-point shooter, has a wide open 3. Instead of just shooting it, he dribbles forward, passes back and it ends up a turnover and easy bucket for UCLA. That ended any realistic chance of a comeback. What the F was he thinking?

  13. Ucla calling travel to a step through pisses me of , like stfup its not a travel

  14. The only negative thing about tonight’s game was having to listen to Walton’s inane drivel.

    I am a UCLA alum (one year behind Walton) and I appreciate the accomplishments of Coach Wooden as much as anybody but to be forced to listen to Walton go on and on about the good old days when Wooden was coach while there’s a game going on is just not appropriate.

    I have tried complaining to ESPN and the PAC 12 about Walton but to no avail. Walton needs to retire now.

  15. Matt: thanks for all you do with these highlight videos. I’s a great way to watch a game and I always look forward to them. Now if you could only figure out a way to edit out Walton’s commentary they would be perfect!

  16. Very unfortunate how the referees can destroy the competitive nature of basketball by applying a clear agenda.

  17. Saw all these feeds!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Respect!! ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

  18. Hope Clark is okay man. He’s our Third Dude. Maybe he sits till the 16 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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