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#7 Texas vs #3 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights, 2023 Big 12 Championship

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#7 Texas vs #3 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights, 2023 Big 12 Championship
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  1. Kansas is a 6 seed without their head coach…

  2. Longhorns fan here. We beat them twice in 1 week. Loved making gayhawks fans eat IT and once TX went up by 20 I saw UK fans leaving I knew it was over with. Don't mess with Texas 🤘 big12 champs 2023 🏆🥇

  3. Got our asses spanked by a team that played harder, smarter, and better tonight in just about every phase of the game. No excuses. Congrats to Texas. Good luck in the big dance.

  4. Texas absolutely dominated Kansas havent seen this in awhile Jayhawks wont win this year.

  5. KU fan since Danny Manning was in short pants, but I got to call it true. This year's team has neither the skill nor talent to take the court with Texas. Kind of weird watching a B12 game from the POV of the inferior opposition.

  6. i knew texas had it since the beginning of the year

  7. Hook Em!🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  8. On an unrelated subject…..why would they ruin good Cheetos by putting that red "Flamin' Hot" crap on them?……


  10. Texas has so much fight, so proud of this team. It feels different

  11. Kansas home game didn't matter, Texas came for blood!

  12. Hats off to Texas, they shut down eveyone but jwill, hope there not on our side of the bracket, but also wish them luck in the big dance

  13. Thanks for the great upload! Hook 'em Horns! 🤘

  14. Kansas is not a #1 seed after getting spanked by 20pts 2 weeks in a row.

  15. Kansas with 7 losses should not be ranked ahead of 5 loss teams like Perdue or Alabama

  16. KU defense didn't show up. If Bill self was coaching may have been a little different. Big 12 is deep. The lack of a big guy like past season's kind of doesn't help

  17. Sucks that ut won anything on their way out.

  18. Adams double dribble cracks me up. He looked like a grade schooler. He looked like how I would have to play.

  19. Dickie V giving a shout out to the tnt inside the nba crew. I love this.

  20. It ok Kansas!!! Cause Kansas will show up in the March Madness!!!!

  21. Dickie V was flabbergasted on live TV. Sitting there saying, 'I can't believe it, I've never seen Kansas play so bad' ☠️

    Hook 'em 🤘

  22. To hear dickie V rant about how deserving Kansas is of the number 1 overall seed while getting dominating for the second time in a week by Texas was kind of infuriating

  23. That game Texas punks KU still number jayhawks let u longhorn punks cheaters u don't belong in Big 12 u will lose in the tournament anyway next year lose for Shure losers care stupid win.

  24. What a league, congrats Texas.
    Dicky V should get an award for apologizing for all crimes and scandals of players and coaches.

  25. As a Kansas State fan hell yea hook em f Kansas

  26. Now Rufus. Your kid did something stupid. Are you going call the cops and have me arrested for your kid doing such a stupid thing?

  27. You think I'm an idiot. Of course you do! You kids are being terrors in Lancaster! Terrors! So you can yell how much I am a problem child. They ain't going to listen! You understand?

  28. Kansas wanted no part in this one wtf!

  29. Maybe wearing two different shoes I can walk in front of ref an have no call. 8m20s, Also Dicks move was a walk as well, even with replay announcers so bright….?.. to not see it, even on replay, 14m20, left pivot foot on his move (usually how one gets ahead of the defender to get bucket yet not called) hopefully in real tournament we get real refs with eyesight.

  30. It was funny listening to the ESPN TV broadcast crew trying to make excuses for Kansas throughout the Big XII title game.
    The Jayhawks lose the Big XII regular season title and lose to Big XII tourney title game. “But they still merit a number-one seeding in the tournament…” 😂😂😂

  31. Gustav Fring is a helluva basketball coach

  32. As USUAL !!😡😔🏀
    University of HOUSTON is in same bracket as TEXAS !!
    I wanted to see them in the FINALS !!!
    BUT U. T. has an interim Coach ! U. Houston Coach dealing w/his twin Sister’s DEATH !! TeXaS Tech Coach quoted scripture about slaves !
    BIG 12 WUZ GREAT !! Now ???

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