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#7 Tennessee vs #1 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 11 22 2023

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#7 Tennessee vs #1 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 11 22 2023
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  1. Harris is flat out gonna have put up more fgs than he is.By drives & open 3s.My man Jackson?Gonna be a STAR. Be patient KU fans.His poise is what I'm loving.Of course McDowell is looking good too.McCullar? Guys a late 1stRdr if he can just FIND a consistent 3point shot.Kevin needs be LIVING in gym putting up a hundred 3pointers every day for practice. (Shooting those 100, slightly guarded or hand almost in face like "game time.")His 3s going dwn is the difference of him becoming a Millionaire in less than a yr.

  2. Kansas has got to clean up the turnovers, and if they shoot better from the foul line this game wouldn't have been as close as it was. Still a good response from the Jayhawks considering the disappointing performance the night before and the quick turnaround from the game last night to 9:30 AM Hawaii time for the tip in this one.

  3. HD to Memphis and they will be a great team.

  4. How is Kansas allways ass at free throws??? It has cost us games many times over the years especially in march, bill self needs to change how he practices free throws cause it ain’t working

  5. Wow, that travel call on McCullar was awful

  6. If Tn would of hit a better percentage of shots Kansas would of been in trouble. Tn will get better as the season rolls on. If they don't it'll surprise me. They beat Kansas last year. Of course commentators are going to praise Kansas all day over Tn..that's the way it is with every team that Tn plays.

  7. Everyone in the world knows they got a lucky break winning against KENTUCKY.

  8. what’s the hype around the dickinson dude?? looks like a casual center to me

  9. Tennessee NOT a top 20 team…. Yet expected to win SEC ? Ha.

  10. Congrats to Kansas for being the 3rd best team in the Maui Invitational. 🤣🤣

  11. I'd rather watch paint dry than watch tenn basketball, it's faster and less painful

  12. Nice bounce back W.

    KU with two nice wins over AP Ranked teams before Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving all…

    Rock Chalk Jayhawks


  13. Hunter Dickinson seems like a little btch…He wines quite a bit…Flops all the time…Don’t really understand the hype

  14. Most impressive KU player this game was McDowell.

  15. I've seen WNBA teams be more entertaining to watch than tn

  16. Again another game where Referees let fouls go unchecked.

  17. 22:4122:47

    Wooooo! That almost, full court pass fr BEST TRUE PG in country to Adams for easy 2.

    DaJuan Harris

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