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#7 Kansas State vs #8 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 1 31 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#7 Kansas State vs #8 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 1 31 2023
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  1. Where some of these kids learned to shoot is beyond me. My goodness some of these guys' form is horrible. Coaches just let them run and gun even if they are not great shooters today. Live and die with the 3.

  2. Rock Chalk Jayhawks !

    Now that's Kansas Jayhawk 🏀 !


  4. How was this game on ESPN+ it two top ten teams

  5. If Jayhawks bench can KEEP emerging…..
    Could be another fun March

  6. Really NEED Gradey Dick start hitting 3pointers again

  7. Jerome Tang, orange tang, pretty thang, oh dang, don’t matter. You not winnin here 😂😭

  8. SAFE 2 say now?

    I'm OFFICIALLY good with JWill greenlight 3pointers any decent look.

    It's INCREDIBLE how much better a shooter he's become.
    He's gonna SNEAK in late 1stRd this June.
    Simply cuz Size. Inside/Outside game, plus just his confidence & WINNING mentality……

    Be an EXCELLENT option off bench for ANY NBA team.

  9. Hey K-state karma sucks doesn’t it. I told you K-staters you won’t win at Allen you should have listened😂

  10. I just can't believe the announcer made a comment at 17:41, that the player who was going to the basket wasn't being molested. Lol

  11. 1:54 “When they’re on the floor.” “The floor.” 😂

  12. Jalen Wilson is this year's Agbaji.

  13. not this time kstate, cant win if dajuan harris has 18 points lmfao

  14. Kansas is 204-95 against K-state. The 204 wins are the most by one school over another in D1 basketball history. Pretty lopsided if you ask me 😂 ROCK CHALK!!

  15. GG, as a Kansas sports fan it’s good to see two strong Kansas teams

  16. Abdullah Hakim (Wide World of Abdullah's Trains) says:

    Oh yeah Rock Chalk KU 🔵🔴🔵🔴 GO JAYHAWKS 🏀

  17. Great payback win! Thanks, Matthew – as always, a fantastic job!

  18. Not happy that this game was only available on ESPN +.

  19. KU is winning again — still overly reliant on 3s. Also, still missing too many free throws and having defense lapses.

  20. Love these highlight videos Matthew, so much better than the condensed versions ESPN puts out. These have a nice flow to them, the 7 minutes highlights leave out so much it can't even be considered highlights.

  21. Five Level 1 recruiting violations and the NCAA shrugs its shoulders.

  22. So this is Big 12 play now…where they call a foul on every single play. 🤮🤮 so annoying. Let them play. They were both in the bonus with 12:00 to play. FTs % were abysmal. They didn’t capitalize but yay for the win.

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