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5th Grader Hits CRAZY Game Winning Shot!

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4’9 10-year-old Kaden Mullins (5th grade) hits incredible game-winning shot at NEO Youth Elite camp!

Filmed/edited by Bryce Lanning.

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  1. Aw man he already ball hogging? He’s gonna be one of those guys huh? Smh

  2. Positive saying this it was a great make but a terrible shot in reality ngl

  3. He won. And he has very pretty legs.

  4. I played in the hyland hill youth basketball i played for the grizzlies and won for my team 3 in a row

  5. Even the other team was cheering him that’s awesome

  6. That was beautiful. That’s what the game is all about

  7. That’s a whole entire kindergartener 🤣💀

  8. bruh those scoreboards are so nostalgic 😭👌💯

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