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#5 UCLA vs #11 Arizona Basketball Game Highlights 1 21 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#5 UCLA vs #11 Arizona Basketball Game Highlights 1 21 2023
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  1. Greatest game I’ve ever been to. Go cats!

  2. UCLA can clinch the PAC title tomorrow at Colorado that last game of the year vs Arizona will be meaningless 🤣🤣🤣 Go Bruins…

  3. I would love to see how the referees graded out on this one.

  4. Refs missed at least four fouls on UCLA in the final minute. AZ is one weird team. They'll get their butts kicked by unranked teams and still beat all the ranked ones.

  5. Arizona won but kriisa and the rest of the guards were lousy at the end …

  6. I'm just glad ucla l9st bc of their cocky coach

  7. Arizona can't sleepwalk to victories like they tried to do, but cut them some slack. The refs were trying to hose them there at the end.

  8. lol,.

    Props to UCLA though,..

    they played like champs!

  9. Theres a huge difference between letting things play on and letting things get out of hand, and these refs did the latter in those last few minutes

  10. UCLA couldn’t make baskets and missing a 5 star freshman… Arizona is clearly stoppable. The last minute and a half ucla played winning basketball, but the other 38 minutes not so much

  11. This game proved to me UCLA is a good team. Even in a losing position they still somehow showed poised with an opportunity to win.

  12. The center number 10 there at the end ended up breaking his Assbone and his face at the same time 💀💀💀

  13. Thanks for upload. Tough to get two wins on the road in the desert this years.

  14. Can’t cry about the refs. They’re all terrible. When I played I always thought I got away with far, far more fouls than I got caught, by a lot.

  15. Great home win against the UCLA Bruins today Arizona, two very good teams that both played hard… 🐈‍⬛🏀👏🏻

  16. Glad we beat the LA schools, last time we play them before they leave conference

  17. Worst head of hair EVER, in college basketball. T Campbell. How does he sleep?

  18. Hard to get up for teams you're better than. UCLA plays better against blue blood programs. Arizona is NOT a blue blood.

  19. Refs gave this game to Arizona I can’t wait to the PAC 10 go extinct they have had the worst refs in college for over 20 years this is not a power 5 conference you see better refs at the YMCA…

  20. UCLA played with no emotion or effort until the last two minutes.

    Where was David Singleton …..

    Zero points???

  21. Referees did not allow Arizona to break away from UCLA, otherwise the game would've been 75-40.

  22. Thank you Matthew! The GOAT of the college hoop highlights! 🤩
    Love watching these two play!

  23. I love Bona I sad for him He want all game pass no one give Why you going Uni team You did played pro in country Your teammates morone !

  24. We were there in person. Such a great energy from the crowd! 🐻 ⬇️

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