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#5 Texas vs #9 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 2 6 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#5 Texas vs #9 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 2 6 2023
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  1. Fast forward a month later and Texas longhorns wins big12 🏆

  2. Oh so Awesome!!! KU B-Ball games Always shown on all networks when they win, but never when they lose. So egotistical.. Lol

  3. Texas out here proving they are ranked too high…again. Every time they play a consistently good team…they lose. Every time they play a ranked team otherwise…they barely pull it out. I’ll be surprised if they make it far in March.

  4. Jabari Rice should start over Tyrese Hunter

  5. They played better this game that’s for sure but they need to keep consistency. They could have built off of that 14 point lead they had early on but then they started missing shots. They may still have a chance of winning the big 12 if they win the rest of their games.

  6. Did You all see Jason Garrett in the stands wtf was he doing there?

  7. Kansas is overrated. Longhorns will even it up in Texas 🤘

  8. If the horns can clean up the turnovers I don’t see how they can be beat. KU should have stomped them this game

  9. Harris is such a good PG. Kind of Old School too. Great highlight video!

  10. Same story with Texas basketball-overrrated-they can't get past Kansas-not a big boy basketball program yet.
    Keep tryin.

  11. In general my Texas Longhorns will always be better than Kansas in my opinion even if Kansas beats us somehow.

  12. Thanks Matthew – another great presentation!

  13. The road for big 12 still goes through Lawrence

  14. We’re our own worst enemy , we can be so inconsistent ! We need to get it meshed together come march! When we want we can turn it on and be scary. We are just lazy and nonchalant some games

  15. Is there any question who these announcers favor. It is disgustin.

  16. Playing at Kansas is one of the hardest places to play. I think Texas can learn from this and be more prepared come March.
    Good job Jayhawks.

  17. Die-hard KU fan but Texas is a great team. The whole Big 12 has come up. No easy nights!

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