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#5 Duke vs #1 Gonzaga Basketball Game Highlights 11 26 2021

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#5 Duke vs #1 Gonzaga Basketball Game Highlights 11 26 2021
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  1. Love me some Gonzaga. Props to Duke for playing them so hard for 40 minutes. A deserved win indeed.

  2. As a duke fan I have to say that this was a high level game that could have went either way. Our size, length, and athleticism really bothered them on offense and allowed us to stay man on man. Gonzaga is really good at ball movement and creating match-ups as well as pushing the ball up the floor. This was a great early win for Duke over a great team.

  3. This was a good game. Gonzaga and Duke didn't disappoint me, but the hype was tremendous. Hats off to Mark Few and Coach K.

  4. Great game from Duke especially after Banchero cramped up in the second half. Tough loss for Gonzaga but key players like Timme and Nembhart didn’t have a great game and it’s early in the season. Hope to see both these teams in the final 4

  5. If those Dukies can keep this up, perhaps they can send Coach Krzyzewski off in grand fashion similar to what UCLA did for Coach John Wooden in 1975 when they beat Kentucky for the National Championship.

    “The Dukies” is what ESPN’s Dick Vitale always referred to as Duke University.

  6. I hope Holmgren and Timme stay at Gonzaga and wait to declare. College basketball is looking on the up and up

  7. Duke just had the blueprint and they executed you ever heard of styles make match ups well this was a prime example great job duke

  8. Timme made some poor decisions….saw player of the year slip away

  9. I'm all about Memphis, but this was a game, a real game!

  10. Preview of this years NIT championship between two decent teams that might suprise everyone this year and place 4th or 5th in their conferences. These coaches may be garnering some deserved attention from bigger programs as the season moves on, and might see some respectable job offers floated in the way of Mark Fews or Coack k. Something to think about. Finally a team Duke fans can be proud of. They deserve it.

  11. Still waiting for Zags to play defense. Timme doesn't even pretend to care about D

  12. 12:05

    watching all the duke fans do the "on ya head" gesture afterwards gave me life

  13. Very proud of Duke for winning this game, Gonzaga is definitely 1 of the top teams in the country. A lot of missed free throws which concerns me but otherwise a solid performance. This team is just gonna get better as the season goes on, Duke putting Mens ncaa basketball on notice 😈 Go Blue Devils!!!

  14. Zags had how many missed 3 pointers and still nearly won!?

  15. I hated seeing Keels struggle the way he did on offense but he played hard on the defensive end and definitely made some plays to help duke win. Roach hit shits when we had to have points as well. Go Duke!!!

  16. People are saying, "this is a high level game" or they would say, "this is one of the best games I've ever seen". You guys obviously don't watch Gonzaga games. This was by far a down game from the Zags. They played like garbage and almost beat Duke (when Duke are playing their best) they almost beat them. If this was any other high ranked caliber team besides the Zags then Duke would've dominant them and win in a blowout. Gonzaga had so many, I mean sooo many chances to run away with the lead, like the wide open shots from Timme where he usually makes 9 out of 10 times he missed, and the 3s we put up they usually go down and they missed! And the free throws, they did horrible on that and really cost them. And there was barely any fouls on Duke (mostly the Zags) because of the officiating really sucked for the Zags. With all being said, if the Zags did play good or even their best game you would be seeing Gonzaga winning not Duke. Probably Zags by 6.

  17. DUKE's running the table in Coach K's last year

  18. Rasir Bolton is the best but most under utilized player on Gonzaga

  19. Duke missed too many free throws near the end. However, Gonzaga is perpetually overrated, they're exposed today rather than in NCAAs. Half their players can't get off the floor, less than elite athletes. Timme is overrated, same semi-athletic issue. Good passing team, but weak at guard position (no Suggs this year), and team tends to crumble when faced with superior athletic responses such as carrying the ball one step too close to the basket over and over, including Timme. Holmgren has good hands, better at least than Porzingis, and he will improve. Now I'll watch the Zags beat UCLA and look for what I'm not seeing in this game. … OK UCLA guard defense was deficient. Can't allow Memhart to "sling" his way to glory. Duke has stout guards who can defend. Duke has other stout bodies down low and put less-than-stout Timme in foul trouble.

  20. As Jay Bilas said at the end of this great, great game, these teams are likely to meet again. And when they do, we expect Holmgren will be improved. But ask yourself where Duke would have been if a) they had shot better than 15-25 from the line, b) if their backcourt had hit 40 percent instead of 20 and if they had hit four threes instead of one.

    And also how the second half would have gone if Banchero had been fully available.

    Would have been a slaughter

  21. Really wishing for Duke Purdue in the ACC/B1G this year 🙁

  22. This is was really good hope duke lose next time

  23. I graduated from a Catholic high school, so I always celebrate a Gonzaga loss.

  24. I hate PUKE, but I am going to miss K. He and JB have won the most games. Every time they coach against each other they set a record. JB wont have to retire because he bought one of those head machines from FUTURAMA.

  25. Duke needs alot of Practice at the Free throw line

  26. Pure Dog Fight….
    Great game both Teams….
    Respect and salute….

  27. Always love to see great basketball. One of the best games I've seen all year, ty for the highlights, excellent video. Cool to be able to look back! Duke!!!

  28. Great game my Blue Devils could win it all I hope we do since it's coach K last season

  29. To bad Gonzaga just played a crappy game vs. Arkansas. They were the better team. As Duke found out with Mercer, it can happen with anyone in March Madness. A Duke vs. Gonzaga matchup in the elite 8 would've been epic. Nonetheless, it is still astonishing that the Zags are the only team, along with Duke and UNC, to make 7 straight sweet 16's or better in the expanded bracket era. And it would've been 8 in the covid cancelled tourney as GU was headed for the 2nd overall #1 seed, with the first two games being played in Spokane off campus.

  30. Unc said don’t worry. We got y’all back

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