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5 Adults vs 50 Kids Basketball

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Today we answer the age old question… who would win in a basketball game where 5 adults play against 50 kids? We’ll answer that and much more in this video!

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  1. Yo I just found out that this was posted the day I moved

  2. I mean if we be real the only ones doing something on the kids team were less then 10

  3. Andddd one,,, huhhh, 😂😂 had meee deadddd

  4. 5:43 that poor girl was cheering for the dunk… AND 1 LITTLE FELLA!!!

  5. hes not 7ft the average door is 6ft 8in
    the average rim height is 10 ft and hes about 3 under it with a few inches extra

  6. They are not kids bro they are 16 to 17 yr olds💀

  7. why are the top ten comments just mindless praise of this man

  8. 08:52 "there's so many of them" The kid: "I guess I'll try it all by myself cause I'm a cocky teen looking for validation"

  9. Do north elementary before I leave to go the 6th grade in Anderson 😢 at 6pm


  11. ha ha . so many children have fun . that is the most important .

  12. my Roblox nameisspidermandadaaaaaaaa says:

    I think I heard s white kid say the n word

  13. Those kids would have had an easier time if they had played hack-a-Shaq.

  14. Some of this kids gonna be good when they get to highschool maybe even middle school in a few yrs 🔥🔥🔥

  15. lets be honest if the adults were actually trying the kids wouldnt of scored a single point

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