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#4 Purdue vs Nebraska Basketball Game Highlights 12 10 2022

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#4 Purdue vs Nebraska Basketball Game Highlights 12 10 2022
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  1. Screw the refs I don’t get how you call that a foul

  2. 28:52 BREAKING NEWS: Refs have been charged with robbery as they stole the game from Nebraska with the worst foul call in NCAA history!

  3. nebraska got a good team this year ..good for them.

  4. man guess the refs will do anything to keep the premier teams on top… especially with that last call

  5. Purdue usually gets screwed with the bs calls glad its us for a change

  6. I understand why people are going to be upset by the call at the end of this game, and I recognize that yes, it was a bad call, but it's bizarre to me how people will claim that the refs were intentionally trying to give this game to Purdue. If anything this call was made under the pretense that Nebraska was trying to foul again (which of course they were, that's what you're wanting to do with that little time left on the clock when you're under) and were hoping to give them more time on the clock by calling it early. Unfortunately for them, they called it when it was about to be turned over back to Nebraska due to Smith losing control and couldn't go back on it. Was this a bad decision? Yes. Was it a MALICIOUS decision? I really don't think so.

  7. That chinese guy on Nebraska's team is insane

  8. Matt Painter made the same mistake when Purdue got bounced out of the tournament last year: you have to give your PG some help advancing the ball over half court (ask Eric Hunter Jr.). It's not good to start every important possession with 20 seconds on the shot clock and an exhausted PG. Also there is no way Edey should have had 0 assists for the game. You've got to practice the Edey double team on/before the entry pass because I guarantee you'll see that defense again a ton. Finally, it's not always a good move to automatically foul at the end of the half with foul to give. He's yelling at Newman to foul with 5 seconds to go in the 1st half. Fine but 1.) it's a foul, 2.) Nebraska gets to reset, and 3.) most importantly Newman had him locked down. I like Matt Painter, but asking Smith to advance the ball alone is exactly how we got bounced last year by an inferior team. It's a bit scary when the coach doesn't learn from recent experience.

  9. Fred Hoiberg teams are tough. Nebraska to be competitive this year. I like that.

  10. Same ref who called this game FVCUKED over Rutgers vs OSU.

  11. I like Purdue but come monday i think they get leap frogged by Uconn who may jump to #1 and i personally think they should. Easily the best team ive seen this year and they just dismantled my Florida Gators by 20 (couldve been 30) with two of their top guys in foul trouble like wtf?!!! If you havent seen Uconn yet they are the best team in the country. Doubt me? Alabama whos #8 and just beat #1 Houston in Houston played them and got blown out 15 and it wasnt that close. smdh

  12. My how far Nebraska has fallen. They now consider losing close games a win.

  13. That was a horrible call on the Smith lost ball; however, Furst got hammered under the basket no call; Loyer got drilled on the dunk no call, Loyer got drilled going to the rack after that steal no call and Smith got drilled going to the rack in the last minute no call. That's why it's hard to win on the road.

  14. Nebraska proving it can hang with the big boys.

  15. You've got Miller from Ark and Fillapowski from Duke as two great freshmen, but right now you could argue Loyer has been the most impactful freshman. How about those B2B buckets in OT. That second one looked like Jerry West in the early 70's.

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