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#4 Kentucky vs #2 Gonzaga Basketball Game Highlights 11 20 2022

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#4 Kentucky vs #2 Gonzaga Basketball Game Highlights 11 20 2022
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  1. Interesting how UK played not sure they were ready to run at that tempo

  2. We're looking at 2 NBA Lottery Pics
    Drew n Oscar..💯💪🏿🤑

  3. Sometimes you just gotta let the Cats Run… or the Dogs are going to catch 'em… 😋

  4. Kentucky is fucking ass Mann they need all new players I’m mad for real

  5. let the razorbacks have a shot at the Zags again this year

  6. I think Cal should be put on notice that another loss like last night and his butt is gone. He did not have that team ready to play and that's his job. So he's not doing his job, just like the last four years.

  7. So KY is basically Tshiebwe, Toppin and Wallace. Need one more to get going to put more pressure on defenses. Sucks not having a shooting PG too.

  8. No matter what people think of the Zags which I don't care there playing tuffer teams this year without a doubt GO ZAGS

  9. All those people sitting on the baseline is a safety hazard

  10. Cal and his dribble drive offense. Drives me nuts.

  11. Texas destroyed Gonzaga but Kentucky couldn’t compete with them 🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. Well it was an even game after the first 5 minute. UK lost it at the beginning of the game. Great test both these teams will be elite 8 teams. UK lacks only confidence an a closer that can score. One brings the other.

  13. Frederick cost UK a defensive player might as well try to work on Reeves defense and confidence use Frederick as back up but Reeves seems nervous.

  14. Cats will get better. Tough week. 3 games in one week is tough. Frederick is a liability on defense. Not sure he can start or the have to play zone while he's in.

  15. You want a basket just go at Frederick,he's slow plus he has a slow shot,unless he's wide open……..

  16. Ky still running the same old dribble drive to nowhere

  17. KY has to be the worst at setting picks…..Gonzaga got plenty of open shots from their picks.

  18. Gonzaga get's away with a lot of moving picks too.

  19. Timme walked on that one spinny shot,they showed instant replay and he picked up his pivot foot & refs didn't see it either or didn't want to see it.

  20. Man them starting off the first half looking lost killed them. They played well in the second half an put up 47 points. Only problem was Gonzaga also put up 47 in the second half. So the second half was basically dead even. The Zags starting off hot in the very beginning is what killed Kentucky.

  21. kentucky losing by 20 then 2ND half go on a run get it to 5 then here comes whistle after whistle to get Gonzaga some breathing room. #2 timmy travled no call timmy lowered his sholder to push off no call . you get alot of wins when the ref help out

  22. I knew big blue would lose this game. Cal can recruit but he is out of his league when it comes to coaching

  23. It's early in the season. UK played horribly hope they get it together. SEC BB teams are playing great

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