#4 76ERS at #5 RAPTORS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | April 20, 2022 - bestfungamesll.com

#4 76ERS at #5 RAPTORS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | April 20, 2022

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  1. Payback from 2019 playoff win from Kawaii

  2. Never give up until the last game is played.. Go Raptors

  3. Toronto didn't want to win that's all lol

  4. Embid was looking like TMac out there lol he was hoooping. never seen him take the shots he shot in this game !

  5. Philadelphia 76ers going to sweep the Toronto raptors and that is straight facts 💯

  6. EMBID Is The Real Deal MVP!!

    MAXEY is Maurice Cheeks & A.I. on Steroids! FACRS!!!
    Danny Green is on The 76Ers So Quite Naturally They'll Win It All. Probably be Philly and Boston Eastern Conference T it'll Game. I liked Philly Then, I like Philly Now!

  7. EMBID is Water practically every time he shoots, even on treys.

  8. EMBID just might be The Best Shooting Big Man Ever!!!

  9. Who needs Harden, you got a Maxey!
    Embiid also! Fantastic game.

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  11. Embiid is acting like his name is Jabbar

  12. The 76ers has a better rebuild compare to RAPTORS. I see to Joel he really wants revenge for what Kawhi did to him in 2019

  13. This is a sweet revenge made by Joel Imbiid against the shot of Kawhi Leonard a couple of years ago.

  14. I can't belive Kawhi is visiting the raptors for Game 4, I can't wait, I'm sure he's gonna rile them up and get them fired up.

  15. 😆😂😂😂😂😂 embid broke their heart ❤️

  16. I bet they still don't make it to the finals

  17. Free throws are so important I guess Miami Heat vs 76ers is going to be a series miami in 6

  18. tobias harris of the philadelphia 76'ers is BUY THE MOST UNDERRATED PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF NBA BASKETBALL !!!!!!!! on joel embiid's game winning basket in overtime tobias harris set an excellent pick to free up joel embiid ! tobias is the most sound all around player in basketball where he can post up,has excellent mid range jumper,good passer,solid to very good defender,solid foul shooter ,sets excellent picks and has tremendous leadership !!!!!!!!!!!!! tobias' grandfather,JOHN MULZAK was a tuskeegee airman who fought in world war 2 !!!!!!!!!!the tuskeegee airmen where the first group of afro americans who fought for the USA air force in world war 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!tobias' grandfather shot down 6 nazi airplanes !!!!!!!!!!!! tobias' cousin is channing frye who played for the knicks,trailblazers and phoenix suns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 1:23 lowkey might be the best move I've ever seen Harris done in a Sixer jersey lol.

  20. Don't matter who wins neither team can win in the next round

  21. I can't wait for the crying Embiid at the end of this playoff run.

  22. I will always rewatch that last bucket no matter how many times someone shows it to me

  23. I remember the last time when kawahi was in the raptors and he stole the game with fade away shot from the sixers bench

  24. The last second shots in these playoffs (Sixers and Celtics) are making up for the lack of them in the NCAA tournament.

  25. To those who had their eyes closed to the greatness of Joel Embiid, I sure do hope they're opened now.

  26. Precious A-Choke-a
    Just make 1 free throw and we win the game!!

  27. Joel celebrates in another language wth is he saying at the end 😳 🤣

  28. As a sixer fan I give it to the Toronto crowd they were awesome
    That’s the loudest crowd in the nba

  29. I’ve been watching basketball a long time and i think even after all foot troubles and with the enormous frame and weight he carries, he’s still somehow one of the most nimble footed centers ever. And i think he possesses arguably the greatest overall shooting touch ever for a big man. Off balance, step backs, spin away fades, while still feasting down low he mixes it up perfectly. All while playing elite defense. I’m STILL mad at my Cavs for being scared to select him. Him and Bron would’ve ruled the nba for years 😢 makes me sick lol

  30. Surprised that the Toronto fans didn't whine and cry about maxey being too fast or something….maybe they did.

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