#4 76ERS at #5 RAPTORS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | April 20, 2022 - bestfungamesll.com

#4 76ERS at #5 RAPTORS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | April 20, 2022

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  1. Respect for Anunoby. Its Embiids time now

  2. Embiid's footwork and movements are so damn fluid, MVP!!!

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  4. The Sixers have proven to be a better team they had 25 turnovers and ended up still winning

  5. Embiid came thru with the clutch shots

  6. Those missed free throws hurt! Good game for the both teams.

  7. Sixers should have blown them out. They are the much better basketball team. I guess the Crowd Noise bothered them.

  8. Sixers with 22 turnovers, we’re terrible on the offensive glass in the first half, embiid didn’t wake up until the second half and they still managed to win with a huge game winner from the big fella. Raptors don’t have a shot on Saturday. Get the brooms out.

  9. So sick of people down on Siakam. No Barnes and shallow bench so he's out there covering Embiid, Harden, Harris… AND expected to play regular offence. Amazing job Pascal. Can't wait til next year.

  10. Embiid gon be crying again cuz he ain’t got no d

  11. Open your hearts and minds, the Raptors have NOT been eliminated.

  12. This game was amazing… but still can’t get my mind off the fact that James Harden isn’t playing like a max contract player

  13. VanVleet gotta stop what he's doing, he's slow AF; Pascal is back to his usual self.

  14. bro. T. harris actually has some underrated handles for his position/size.

  15. I didn't know Joel Embiid was that nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I recall watching him playing sloppy and missing a lot of shots at one time.

  16. I love that there is actual competition this year. Not like last year’s lame playoffs

  17. Aww it’s over, time to plan for next year raptors. Team is on the right path. Just need a few more pieces

  18. how lucky danny green was when he was in raptors kahwie hit game winner and now hes in philly he toss it to embiid and hit the game winner how i wish lucky is still on my side


  20. Love me the Raptors but I gotta give props to Embiid and 76ers great teamwork for this game.

  21. Embidddd mvp that shot was tough aww man 🤙🏾🔥🔥

  22. Just give Embiid the mvp trophy are ready he is so good Best center in the nba

  23. Raptors should have drafted Desmond Banes instead of Malachi Flynn

  24. you might wanna put a defender on the inbound passer nick?

  25. It's nice to see Toronto has gotten over the Kawhi hangover. They've traded well, drafted well & in the case of the undrafted Van Vleet recognized great talent when they saw it. If it weren't for Barnes getting hurt this would be a close series.

  26. Embidd one of them players where you say you can't do that you have 3 defenders in your way and he does it anyway.

  27. Lol.. how ironic that Philly wins it on a last second 3pt heave over Toronto, just like when Kawhi did it to Philly a few years ago. Only difference is that this wasn't a Game 7 winning shot.

  28. "OT OT never much love when we go OT I pray to make back in one piece I pray I pray" – Drake One Dance – Raptors fans after the game. " Ay you know me turn the 0-2 into the 0-3 yeah" – Drake God's plan Joel Embiid after the game.

  29. nba is rigged – EVERY game gets decided by the refs

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