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3v3 Cam’s AAU Basketball Team vs Cash, Flight & Kenny!

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  1. Bruh Ik I’m ahh, but flight omg dawg I been watching you since middle school n you still disappoint us😂😂, it’s all love tho famo❤️

  2. Bro cash could of passed the ball to kenny he was open for the 3 cash just dont how to pass ball hog

  3. Wow man flight taking his kids for a park 3v3 so inspirational

  4. Cash really made “wet like wattah” only for his 2k characters 😭

  5. I can't be the only one, shouldn't it have been KFC not CKF for cashs team name it would've js been better.

  6. Every game that man always come up with a bogus call

  7. nelson playing in 1000 dollar shoes outside is crazy

  8. Love to see Kenny not taking it easy on the kid good for em

  9. cash nasty you fucking suck at basketball how the hell do you lose to fucking Nelson where the fuck did you learn to play basketball. And Flight dont even get me started on your performance you played like jason tatum with his eyes closed and his legs tied together with pinkies for all of his fingers

  10. Remember to repent for your sins and turn to jesus‼️

  11. The tall skinny guy with no shirt on has one of the weirdest shots in the history of the game.

    If he didn’t hit that layup to score his teams 10th point I’d be wondering if this was his first game of basketball.

    Like I have seriously never seen that shooting form, and I swear his form from one shot to the next is never the same twice.

  12. Yo cash tell your team mate Kenny to stop fouling on rwe it make bad af

  13. Nelson’s griddy😂😂😂😂

  14. Kenny wanna call stuff so bad that he doesn’t even know what he’s calling 😭 like if you wanna be real arm baring nelson 3 times is a violation but he don’t wanna talk abt that

  15. i swear that nelson is the most overratted persone on earth i could reck his ass

  16. Cash, why you didnt use instant replay when Flight touched the ball? How could you do it to him😂

  17. flight sold 1 for 15 and thats crazy dont know why he's here

  18. Can fuccing azz he got carried bro missed every shot talking ohh, then misses, lucky ah boy

  19. Cash why are you doing the 2hype intro messer should do it he has more subscribers

  20. @Flight the worst You Tuber to hooper!
    bruh was just bad now just trassssss!

  21. If you look Kenny literally hugs and pushes back whoever he guards just fouls

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