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#3 UCLA vs #7 Arizona Basketball Game Highlights 2 3 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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#3 UCLA vs #7 Arizona Basketball Game Highlights 2 3 2022
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  1. Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good luck 🤞🤞

  2. Good good good good good good good good good good good good

  3. The fact they can grind out the tough games makes me confident going into the ncaa tournament

  4. I cannot believe that the PAC 12 is still considering whether or not to make up the postponed AZ at USC game. That's a big game. And congrats Cats from an Illini fan, you Dogs:)

  5. I'm so glad the Wildcats pulled it off in the end. I was worried when the lead got cut to 3. They seemed to be fading, but turned it back up in the last few minutes. I really like this team's resilience.

  6. Love how fast you get these out, I watched every second of the game but I need highlights already #beardown

  7. Gotta like the Wildcats this year! New coach and new team!

  8. I was cheering for Arizona to win because if Kentucky beats Bama on Saturday, Kentucky is gonna keep rising to that 1 seed. UK will probably be ranked fourth.

  9. Thanks for upload as always. Tough loss but Mckale center is one of the toughest places to play. It was disturbing to see some in the packed crowd without masks, considering Jaquez just got out of Covid protocol.

  10. I never thought I would see the day when guys are wearing leggings with leotards! LMFAO!

  11. Arizona is legit. But seriously, PAC-12 needs to change their name, they are not the conference of champions hahaha

  12. Arizona when they get production from everyone else on the team besides their star SG is scary good. Man there are sooo many legitimate teams that could win a championship this year it's baffling

  13. UCLA cut the lead to three. None of the shots were bad by Riley, but he took three straight shots. Would have at least liked to see them look and work to Juzang. Good comeback. Did much better on boards against huge Arizona. No moral victories. A loss.

  14. UCLA is tooo smalll, guards are A- but defense is gotta do better.

  15. Arizona defense is elite and that could carry them far in March but their shooting is atrocious

  16. Thank you Matthew. Both these ball clubs will be in the Tourney mix, especially Arizona. This team is loaded.

  17. Told y'all the rematch wouldn't be a repeat. Nobody listened lol.

  18. Great game for us and a bounce-back. Love how quiet the UCLA fans who were running their mouth on the last video are now. BTFD!

  19. Both of these teams are loaded with Rockstar ball players that are the best in the country. I put Arizona or UCLA up against Auburn, Gonzaga any day of the week. Seriously Auburn against UCLA? I think UCLA kills them. Arizona Gonzaga? I think Arizona pounds them. There just so big and fast. And there tough. Both teams are. They are strong and thick and just bang. Honestly these are two wicked teams. I do think Arizona is better though. In fact, rankings not withstanding, they are the best in the country IMO. Now about those free-throws ….🙄🙄

  20. Takeaways:
    • Arizona simply wanted revenge on UCLA.
    • The UCLA guards were all getting hot at different times if they were all hot at the same time they might’ve won.

  21. Ucla lost this one more than UA won it. But congrats to UA

  22. Top teams most likely to win March madness?
    For me , in no order: Auburn Arizona Baylor

  23. ucla thought cuz they crushed arizona last time theyd just do it again with no effort.

    Big mistake

  24. Nice Work Matthew. This was a great match up. 👏

  25. Bill Walton's great sport career is overshadowed by his broadcasting where he often speaks of things not related to the game he is broadcasting (on ESPN)…

  26. Cronin coaches them HARD and for them to be a final four team with returning key players that says a lot.

    IMO they don’t CONSISTENTLY reflect the type of coach that Coach Cronin is. They lack that edge, and consistent leadership from Juzang & Tyger Campbell. And Jules Bernard with his skill set, he needs to be a straight bucket getter. He needs to have that mentality that nobody can guard him every possession. Period! If they want to be successful in the tournament.

    And the Freshman they got: Payton Watson, I would like to see him get more time in bigger games. He still isn’t “broken in” yet. And that’s on Cronin. I understand he’s a freshman and you don’t want to play him in big games, and you have returning wing players. But he could help them a lot. Think about the games in March that matter the most.

  27. This game reminded me of 1997 NCAA Tournament. Close game…BEARDOWN!

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