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#3 Kansas vs #9 Texas Basketball Game Highlights 3 4 2023

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#3 Kansas vs #9 Texas Basketball Game Highlights 3 4 2023
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  1. Texas always has a high seed but never shows up to dance. 🤣. They’re gonna lose to penn st or a & m

  2. No more losses Jayhawks from here on out. We have got to start hitting our shots consistently.

  3. Not a Kansas fan (Illini) but despite the loss ..I still think the Jayhawks win the Dance !!

  4. KU had absolutely nothing to gain in this game. Bill will have them ready to go when the real tournament starts.

  5. People in the comments acting like Kansas didn't want to win are funny. Also Jabari Rice is just built different

  6. Where was this effort the last 4 games … played like this over the last week … Horns would be champs

  7. Texas did their homework. Kept KU out the paint. Pressured KU hard and were ready for the rebounds. I think I'm just a spoiled KU fan tho… I hope they can play effectively next game

  8. One big step for Coach Terry and his band of incredible scrappers. One gigantic step for Texas hoops! Love this TEAM! Final 4… BELIEVE!

  9. Hell yeah love hearing dicky V hype up Texas.. #Hook’Em’Horns

  10. Texas fan here. I think this game was bigger for Texas.

    For Kansas, at least we already know that they are most complete team in country skill wise. Probably, the easiest favorite to win the Natty. UCLA, Houston, Alabama or Purdue might have something to say about that though.

    For Texas, they play well when many people different people get involved on offense (don’t need to get double figures) plus they have to win the turnover, rebounding, and free throw % battle. Texas can be a sweet sixteen or elite eight team (ceiling depending on matchup).

  11. Last time UCLA lost was in January. Not a great look from KU in this one.

  12. Can you keep making Kansas State highlights? I’ve loved your highlights and there aren’t many full game highlights for Kansas state online. All cool otherwise. God bless ✌🏼

  13. That one commentator was very excited to be there

  14. Should won Wed Texas! Jayhawks would showed up today.

    1. KU (13-5)
    2. TEX (12-6)

    Kansas 2023 B2B BigXII Conf Champions!

    That deserves a #1seed

  15. Lol..Our Kansas Boyz looked hungover/tired.

    Prob fr celebrating yet another BigXII Conf Title last 3days.

    (U know since Texas wasn't able win enough Conf Road gms make this Final gm "what it should been."
    MEANINGFUL! Shit Vitale didn't even wanna be there after KU wrapped it up.)

    Kansas LEAD BigXII teams in Conf Rd wins (7.)

    Nxt best teams had (5.)

  16. UCLA just beat #8 Arizona. I would say UCLA with only 4 losses should be ranked ahead of this 6 loss Kansas team.

  17. Kansas is not repeating as champion. Their team is going to lose in the first round to a 15 seed

  18. Lmao kansas won the big 12 they didnt give a fuck about this game everybody who is on texas nutz forgot that kansas dominated them the first game when it actually counted this game was a Fluke bill literally cleared the bench for this one.

  19. Bill the team didn't need to play all 5 starters that many mins , give the guys a rest nobody cares abt the Conf tournament, Kansas already Conf Champs , take a page from that idiot at Kentucky on this 1 ,

  20. Dicky V saying his coach of the year is Shaka lol. That fool gonna lose in the first game of the tourney. Our coach caught a domestic and was fired, and they still had a better year than with Shaka.

  21. Love it. Keep up the hard work and big twelve games!! 😉 lol

  22. Better edited then ESPN😭 appreciate you boo

  23. Texas needed this win. Gives them momentum and especially confidence heading into the tournament. Let's make a run. Hook Em 🤘

  24. I thought Houston playing played all the best teams in the nation That what all the Houston fans n sports

  25. big win for texas only problem is we only seem to play like this at home. needs to get fixed in the big 12 tourney before we dance. hook ‘em

  26. Fire bill self he can't teach defence worth a sht

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