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#3 Kansas vs #24 TCU Basketball Game Highlights 2 20 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#3 Kansas vs #24 TCU Basketball Game Highlights 2 20 2023
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  1. gradey i hope golden state warriors recruit you rock chalk

  2. If TCU made free throws they wouldve won by 20

  3. Sweet revenge Rock Chalk! But i hope KU doesn’t get exhausted like the other teams will be once the NCAA tournament starts. Need to save this intensity for the big dance

  4. Anyone noticed Fran kept saying McCulla. I know he’s a Brooklynite but I guess I haven’t heard his accent clearly until tonight.

  5. good game, everyone played like ass at the begining and the end of the game lol, mcullar had the 2 game winning blocks tho

  6. TCU got robbed with the nocall on that last drive… the defender on the right made outrageous body contact to slow him down… so bs… commentators say no contact… bs

  7. Gradey Dick for Lottery Pick in 2023!!! Go Spurs Go!!!

  8. Count them, 5 Level one recruiting violations against KU. That asterisk by last year's national championship is sweet. Thank you Matthew !

  9. Rock Chalk! I love watching this team play, they have such fight and grit in them. Thanks for these extended highlights! They are awesome for when I miss the games

  10. Total foul there. Once again refs blow a game!

  11. Best team in the Big 12 and I ‘m not a Jayhawk fan. Bill Self is head and shoulders above all other coaches in the league.

  12. TCU’s announcer is so annoying. Absolutely no need to fade your voice 10 seconds into KU’s possession.

  13. Gradey is a supreme talent – can't think of any NBA team that wouldn't improve immediately by drafting him in June

  14. The basketball IQs of Harris, McCullar, and Dick are off the charts. Watch Grady Dick on this play until he eventually scores. 1:20 Everything he does is near perfect. Positioning himself for success at all times, pre-positioning he feet for efficiency, signaling for the ball, tapping it out to teammates in traffic to extend the possession, shot fake, and picture perfect shooting form with a lightning quick release. This is why he will be a lottery pick if he decides to jump.

  15. 1min mark tcu still should of tried for the 3. Ya got nothing to lose

  16. Gradey Dick is so far ahead of most Sophomores and Juniors, he knows what he’s going to do 3 seconds before he does it. He’s a bonafide professional.

  17. Tcu can’t shoot all Kansas did was pack the paint

  18. eddie lampkin jr is a joke🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  20. All these years, my relatives said, visit Jack. You know Jack, your racist father. I HOPE I NEVER SEE THAT ASSHOLE EVER AGAIN! YES! I HATE HIM!

  21. They all want movie roles. And not one acting class. Jesus Christ.

  22. Who really wins, Leo. I do! I don't ever have to deal with you ever again. Enjoy the money, chump.

  23. Thank God rich racist white girls hate short black men.


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