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#25 Alabama vs #4 Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 2 19 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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#25 Alabama vs #4 Kentucky Basketball Game Highlights 2 19 2022
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  1. To play without both our guards and come out with bama hot nailing 3 after 3 after 3 an down by like 15 to come all the way back an take the lead before half is a damn miracle. They came together an played like a team, and I actually like this line up with Grady and Mintz switching the 1 an 2. It seems to get Grady more shots. Our defense stepped up big time. I really thought bama was gonna blow us out the way they played in the first half. Grady had a great game today shooting. An we might be playing like this for week or two. Shows the depth we actually have when cal utilizes it.

  2. KenSUCKY basketball is forever god awful. I see them losing in the second round as usual to an underdog school this year. Lol.

  3. Anyone who thinks uk isn't for real is obviously blind or just don't know basketball! All time win program and the best fan base around. I'm not numb to the fact that could lose the tournament but they have a really solid team. #gobigblue

  4. Cats have better players and better coaches but the officiating in this game was embarrassing. The flagrant foul was a joke. Then there should have been a true technical foul on the Kentucky coach and those clown referees refuse to call it.

  5. Bama fan here but UK fully deserves a #1 seed. They still outclassed us down their best 2 players.. gg cats!

  6. Minus TyTy Washington and Sahvir Wheeler and still beat a really, really good Alabama team that was on fire in the first half and scrappy the whole game = an amazing team. GO CATS!!

  7. I've been extremely critical of the officials of late, but I must be honest. The officials today were three black men and I must commend them for one of the better called games I've witnessed this year.

  8. This is a super special team! I Hope the TRUE BBN fans will see that:) Great game. This team is unbelievably good:)

  9. Takeaways:
    • Kentucky is the scariest team to play against in my book, their missing both of their starting guards and still beat a good Alabama team.
    • This game is meant for only the toughest and best players.

  10. Should win it all but won't sweet 16 maybe elite 8 same bs one and done cal

  11. Your two ball pressure guards out o well got 8 more all Americans fuck it march will be super interesting still always comes down to the basketball gods tho


  13. Lmfao alabama can't even beat Kentucky….holy living fuck. Shoulda just stayed in the locker room and kissed each other

  14. Alabamas basketball team is so trash. Nate oats needs to be fired. Waiting for the delusional Bama fans to disagree with me lol 😆

  15. Cal might be holding back Grady like he did with D Booker

  16. bama will definitely upset someone in the tourney

  17. Can't believe UK won. Alabama was on fire the first half.

  18. Your editing is incredible, shows each possession resulting in points but has enough time beforehand to get a feel for what is happening. Fantastic stuff

  19. Roll tide right back into the ocean 🌊

  20. SEC is tough this year, NCAA tournament will show that. Enjoy your editing, good job.

  21. Best Bball highlight channel on the planet. Simply just the segments leading up to all the points scored. Thanks yet again for your time aka uploads.

  22. I said at halftime that it had to be demoralizing for Bama to shoot so well and be down by 1 with Kentucky missing its starting backcourt.

  23. Kellen Grady needs to have the ball in his hands a little more even after our guards come back. 3 offensive initiators could be pivotal in March.

  24. CATS SCARY THIS SEASON 😈😈💯🤞🏼 we winning it all fosho
    Thanks for the nice edit g

  25. Bama was on fire. But I knew if we contested they would finally slow down. Grady busted out tonight as well. Heck of a win without ty ty and wheeler.

  26. Matt I love you bro, thank you for these videos

    all hail matthew loves ball

  27. Now this is why I suggested all my friends and family to subscribe you show every score love it go big blue UK on your schedule is hazardously unhealthy for your record even though two 5 Star players are injured and did not play

  28. Kellan Grady the best shooter in the country 🔥3️⃣

  29. I hope these guys come bacc 4 another year at least so we can continue 2 dominate college basketball 🏀 🙏 😪

  30. No matter how far KY goes this year, Tshiebwe HAS to be at the top of the list for POY…He is absolute money down low. Some of the best hands and foot work ive seen on a big guy in a long time.

  31. What our team did today had everything to do with heart. Do we need our whole team to make a run to the final four? Hell yes, but it’s nice to know UK can beat a good team if players are not available. GO CATS!!!!

  32. Woke of CBS to hire an announcer with a speech impediment.

  33. Down 2 starters and still beat a Bama team that kinda ran ruff shot over Gonzaga ..love this team!

  34. Thanks for the highlight videos! You can tell you certainly know how to edit and your love for the game really shows! So very appreciated Matthew.

  35. Am I the only one who thinks that JD looks totally lost in the elite college game? I feel like he doesn't have (and maybe it's from the what coaches told him to do) his killer scoring mentality like in HS. He looks like a deer in headlights out there, and his D is just terrible to watch…hopefully that'll change next year when maybe he'll be asked to score a bit more.

  36. Kentucky has played like the best team in the country even tho we lost to tennessee but again it's at tennessee its hard to win their but I would like to say that we beat alabama without our 2 beat guard and brooks toppin oscar and Grady played to their potential why Kentucky won #BBN #OscarWorthy

  37. Announcers talked about hair for 20 minutes. Hasn't had a hair cut since 2nd grade, incompetence at its finest.

  38. Them refs tho. Wow they called everything against Bama. We should have won that game. And JD needs work on driving to the rim and dunking on folks.

  39. Re watching this game makes me realize we will miss brooks more then we think.

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