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#21 Texas vs #6 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 3 5 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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#21 Texas vs #6 Kansas Basketball Game Highlights 3 5 2022
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  1. This is the game when Kansas sealed their national championship aspirations. The trio of Ogbaji, McCormick and Braun plus a deep and experienced upperclassmen were just special

  2. Kansas might be the worse state to live in America

  3. Texas being ranked #22 is a national embarrassment lol they’ve done nothing this season. Someone please explain. They done nothing but lose 90% of their significant games

  4. Yess let's goo 🙌 👏 thank u for posting these

  5. Can you do the Big South Championship game highlights later?

  6. Love my Jayhawks but man this team is so frustrating to watch. They have the potential to be the best team in the country yet they have games where they completely flop. But I'm happy they pulled out this win today.

  7. The noise in that place when McCormack got the dunk in OT (34:53). I'd like to know what the decibel level was.

  8. McCormick was the difference. Great game, young man!

  9. Bill Self and Kansas win their 16th Big 12 regular season title in the 19 years he has been the head coach at Kansas. They have the same number of Big 12 regular season titles as they have home losses since Bill Self has been the coach there. To do that in what is year in and year out one of if not the toughest conference in the country is incredible no matter what your opinion is of Bill Self is he is one hell of a coach.

  10. I luv my lovebird and my budgie too!!!! says:

    great game to take Kansas.. -;6.5,..saw it was in overtime and thought I`d lost,,,, but won by 7…….unbelievable …..and decided not to take Duke

  11. damn im not a texas or kansas fan but sheeessshhh kansas was getting alot of home cooking there from the refs lmfao.

  12. Imma be real I hate teams that don't allow their players to score more points especially when they have the potential….. Texas is so fucking thrash

  13. Expert, but not entirely relevant, old guy, Purdue, B.S. Math, Class of '74… observation. At Purdue, probably like Kansas, wouldn't you like to see just a few wins from your basketball team go to the football squad? I know that I've thought that a lot over the years. Still probably make it into the March tournament. What would it hurt? Anyway, KU b-ball, as always, looks good. Gracias por tu video, Señor Matthew. RT sends… envía… Colonia Centro Histórico, Puebla, México…

  14. Didn't get to watch the game at all yesterday and this highlights video was absolutely perfect, really great editing. Thank you so much!

  15. That's the first time I've seen a "jump ball" called when the player is in mid-air and the defender has his elbow on the player's face and and his hand on the wrist. Gotta love that AFH home court advantage lol.

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