21 Savage vs Waka Flocka (Finals) | The Crew League Season 4 (Episode 7) - bestfungamesll.com

21 Savage vs Waka Flocka (Finals) | The Crew League Season 4 (Episode 7)

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It’s Atlanta Vs Atlanta! #21savage and the Slaughter Team shoot it out with #wakaflocka Flame
and the Bricksquad to see who runs the A in the championship match up of #TheCrewLeague
Season 4.

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  1. Aye Trinidad James I literally forgot about my guy ooo the Molly in sweating

  2. My boi said the be cutting the lights down so you can’t see 😂

  3. Lmao naw they cheating ain’t nobody push waka 😭

  4. Why is 21 savages manager still talking for him he wasn’t even playing😂😓

  5. i jus wanna know why that host decided to wear what he did w that hair

  6. "why'd he help him up?" I will never understand American sport culture. So gratuitously and unnecessarily hostile.

  7. How 21 gon be a street dude but complain bout fouls.

  8. Lol that ref don't take no sht be snapping back like a mf lol

  9. Waka flocka homie that be screaming and yelling the most ass dude on the team hate dudes like that

  10. bro I love 21 but I didn’t see him land 1 shot

  11. 32:30 they didn't want to pass it to 21 this whole play even tho he was wide open lol

  12. “How the hell you know what premises mean” 😂💀 when they realize they got rich so their kids are well more educated then them now 💀 beautiful sight to see to be honest.

  13. Waka a cheater on & off the court fr lmfaoooo

  14. Waka had that kid looking 🧂 salty lmmfao 😂

  15. somebody gotta take that mic off loudiene and clean it

  16. Rappers need to rap and not play sports smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  17. Why not catch a fade with the ref? why threaten to shoot him? He’d most likely beat that ass one on one square up 😅😅😅 stop promoting gun violence your not about that

  18. Great video, wack game for the cheat tho😂😂

  19. Waka a Solid 1 had start sum shit Clayco Nigha


  21. It’s like watching your unathletic uncles play basketball after thanksgiving for a 12 pack on the line lol

  22. Who else thought dude with the green glasses was cjsocool

  23. “You ain’t doing nothing but fouling white boy foul the hell out of me they ain’t call nothing I ain’t mad at him I’m mad at the refs” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 boe

  24. i think gorilla nems should've punched that dude in the face that was pure disrespect 23:44

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