21 Savage Vs Roddy Ricch (Semi-Finals) | The Crew League Season 4 (Episode 6) - bestfungamesll.com

21 Savage Vs Roddy Ricch (Semi-Finals) | The Crew League Season 4 (Episode 6)

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It’s a battle of the superstars as Roddy Rich and the City Stars battle ATL favorite 21 Savage and the Slaughter Team in the semifinals of The Crew League.

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  1. I guess there is levels to this shit adin Ross was betting 10000 a game these mfs betting 300

  2. I really hope breezy comes back next year!!

  3. Yesterday it was takeoff cause a dime game next will be on this show cause of a bb game

  4. Spida da only one scoring dat how it be in atlanta fr😂😂😂 only one nigga doin it all fr

  5. Gotta put me in a bomb suit to go to this game

  6. The female ref lied wtf why she say yeah take a free shot and say 21 just took the shot wtf 😂😂

  7. bruh this shit really ain't supposed to be this funny 😂 😂

  8. 28:24 "you got practice free throws…. all the ones yo ass been missin"

    mane got me cryin 😂 😂 😂

  9. Shaquille O'Neal was feeling good about this game

  10. Everything so staged an fake now …..all acting 😂😂y’all believe everything y’all see open your 3rd eye


  12. 21 don’t look like he can fight at all

  13. I smelled hating when herbo flashed his chains

  14. Lmfao both teams literally are trash. But it’s cool to watch.

  15. They Got Mushmouth in that mf😂😂😂😂

  16. Bruh the girl ref said he can shoot a practice shot & then turned around & said he just shot it.. lol tf

  17. Good see black community doing there thing . Rt 👁 we all have many talents

  18. This is like watching boondocks 21 savage being Riley

  19. Roddy rich playin for the wrong team he should join brick squad with waka after all those missed free throws 😂😂😂

  20. The amount of free throws missed and the suspense sounds that was added to it was unnecessary

  21. Next thing you know they gon start a crew league boxing 🥊 season ¡imagine!

  22. This was the most painful basketball game I've ever watched. Chase Jeter is still the worst player of all time 6 years later

  23. Roddy team garbage asf and they played scary, yall got the city looking bad out here smh

  24. Why the one dude look like Drake and LeBron combined

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