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#21 Michigan State vs #3 Arizona Basketball Game Highlights 11 23 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#21 Michigan State vs #3 Arizona Basketball Game Highlights 11 23 2023
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  1. The only people who use the term Zona are people not from Arizona. Yes, we have the student section called “Zona zoo.” But nobody refers to Arizona as “Zona.“ BTW, horrible referees!

  2. How did Caleb Love come up with that play to steal the ball with 15 secs to go. He was boxed out down low and when the ball is passed, he leaves his man and attacks. Is that a coach idea or was that Caleb's idea? Gutsy play. Caleb's man had an easy layout if the passer saw it.

  3. lol caleb love is the streakiest shooter ever

  4. Matt, are you working on the Kentucky vs Miami game?

  5. Every time AZ missed a shot the refs called a foul lol . Great game tho regardless

  6. Michigan State is a joke. 😆😆😆

  7. LETS FUCKING GO! 👏🔥💪😤🏜️

  8. Did they not count the first shot for msu as 3? Or did they not sore the second basket as 2?

  9. Refs made this game closer than it was supposed to be. They really wanted michigan to cover the spread 🫠😂

  10. Love instead of Larrson this time, but the sweet KJ dunk still. Beardown

  11. I love our teams chances this year. I know somewhere lutes got a smile on his face

  12. Good game!! When MSU gets starter Jaxon Kohler back they will be even better. GO GREEN.

  13. Offensive rebounds killed the Spartans. Cooper and mady can’t come up with boards when we need them.

  14. MSU always play top 5 toughest schedules in the nation purposely. Regular season is just prep for March madness for them, that’s why they always advance farther than other top schools. DON’T ARGUE WITH ME JUST DO RESEARCH ON TOM IZZO AND MARCH MADNESS, facts are facts

  15. Not a Arizona fan but real happy they came out on top and won. Caleb Love was the driving force in this game, fought tooth and nail, and really wanted to win. Congrats Zona!

  16. I love the way Izzo tries to get the refs to call the game the way he coaches it; by pushing the limits of the rules. I would have loved playing against him and he should look out for an errant pass or two.

  17. Spartans put up a great fight against a national championship quality team. Go Green!

  18. State was a top ten preseason team to unranked time fire izzo team look bad again vs quailty competition

  19. Tornadoes don’t stop spinnin🌪🌪 says:

    Is Booker for MSU still alive? Where’s he at?

  20. MSU can’t rebound to save their life that’s the reason they lost

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