2024 Final Four: UConn Huskies vs. Iowa Hawkeyes | Full Game Highlights - bestfungamesll.com

2024 Final Four: UConn Huskies vs. Iowa Hawkeyes | Full Game Highlights

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Check out these highlights from the Final Four matchup between No. 3 UConn and No. 1 Iowa. The Hawkeyes win, 71-69. They will play the undefeated South Carolina Gamecocks in the NCAA National Championship on Sunday.

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  1. Seemed like Iowa wasn’t getting the fouls called and then they got the best one they could’ve all night. I haven’t been the biggest fan of women’s basketball because of the sloppiness and lack of athleticism (compared to the men’s game) I’ve seen. These teams in the top 8 have been all technical, sharpshooters, shown a ton athleticism. This makes me hopeful for the next generation of the WNBA to be successful and carry fandom to it without the need of the NBA’s support.

  2. Caitlin is the only other top 50 recruit from Iowa, but her teammates excelled tonight. They actually have the entire season! This is what they deserved to have tonight!

  3. UConn has a bunch of rude punks trying to provoke Clark. Mule.

  4. omg #45, Stokey so nasty under pressure, nearly cost them

  5. Worst call I evr seen in a game played so tough to b decided by the ref’s. Only exp is they wanted 2 mak sure they got KClark in the champ game. Her swansong they wana make sure they got her til the end of her last bcuz of ratings.

  6. At 9:30 wasn't that a carry 🤔🤔 they don't call em cus bac in 03' they called it on me

  7. It was a very good game front to back ..Caitlin Clark is a monster but he defense is sloppy she rarely plays it i knew they wasnt goin to beat South Carolina they are a well oil team from offense to defense

  8. Refs should not decide games this close.. Iowa could have won without the refs tho.

  9. Great basketball game but the ref shouldn’t have stepped in like that.

  10. Just could not let them play.. got to call a foul with the game on the line with 3 seconds to go.. pathetic..

  11. Number 2 on UConn was balling! And only a true freshman, overall the big handler there business on both teams, this was truly an exciting game up until the refs at the end and the calls going iowas way, UConn def could’ve have won but Iowa was dropping threes and jumpers on the come back win. Excited for woman’s basketball if it looks like this next year.

  12. uconn could've had another Bird Taurasi Duo, with Bueckers and Clark

  13. I thought South Carolina showed a classes act after the National Championship game Sunday after the game.There was no excuse for it.

  14. Net Price: 15,62,50,00,00,000.00
    CGST: 2,18,75,00,00,000.00
    SGST: 2,18,75,00,00,000.00
    Total Price: 20,00,00,00,00,000.00

    Amount (in Words): Two lakh crore rupees only.

    Lowa will win the match

  15. Here after SC got revenge for UConn 🔥

  16. I still say a healthy ucon team would of win it all

  17. I have been balling most of my life. I have played against women who had great skills but never felt any threat. These girls will kick any non-pro men team any day.

  18. Nice Call for the Ref's Final Four Amazing Rigged😅😅😅

  19. That was bad call on UConn for the Offensive foul

  20. Sold out arena and a domestic audience of 18.7m people in the US. Absolutely brilliant to see👍

  21. Thank you for making this and other videos. They are all well argued. Especially that moving screen. Not just those UConn ex players, there was also a ESPN commentator said “barely leaning a foul is called”… jealousy are like everywhere… and like a lot of comments said here… turns out who sabotage women basketball? The same crowd argue they deserve more attention and pay raise…

  22. Well to be humbly honest Pistol Pete neva won a 'chip either


  24. All of these women are incredibly talented. What a fun game. Wish all of them the best in their careers. Thanks to YouTube for making highlights available for us people who cannot afford subscriptions. We DO WANT to watch excellent sports played by women.

  25. More people watched the womens final than the mens!😂

  26. An offensive foul with less than ten sec on the clock. Wow refs.

  27. ESPN, I can't get enough of your content, so I subscribed!

  28. notice same situation (close game, last few plays) almost exact same play (except UCONN's pick was MAYBE a barely noticeable moving pick BUT only using super slo motion replay AND was same as both teams were doing ALL GAME and was completely non flagrant AND was prior to the LAST shot of the game) but did the REFS SUCK and manipulate the outcome of the game like in UCONN vs IOWA (because the networks wanted Clark for tv ratings) … ALL IT TAKES TO FIX A GAME IS A LAST SECOND FOUL CALL🤷‍♀ … you decide https://youtu.be/-OWFGT0nzfU?t=26

  29. great game but a good offensive call and a terrible coaching call to foul Clark but game was already over but you don't foul the best shooter

  30. a lot of these women could play on men's teams and be stars lol, I want dunks

  31. 69 .70 ,los azules solo nesecitaba 2 puntos😅

  32. Estas 69.70 ,porq no entra con 2 ountos

  33. If sub conscious mind or determining states of being

  34. Love ugoons taking that L page dirty player shoved the girl in the back didn’t call it basketball gods said wait a minute and handed UConn that L love it😂

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