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2010 NBA final game7 Boston Celtics Vs LA Lakers【no delete】

kevin zou
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NBA Finals the best battle!!! kobe the fifth champion


  1. If you could somehow measure blood pressure in the air of my home that night, it would have read 300/200. The stress of this one game was ridiculous

    If you lived thru it, sorry that your life got shorter by at least a year. If you weren’t there in spirit when this game happened, be thankful.

  2. Metta deserved that finals mvp for that game winning 3 nd he had the most points in game 7

  3. As much as I didn't want to admit it back then, with hindsight it is so obvious that Kendrick Perkins' absence was the difference in this game. If Kobe makes better decisions on offense it's a moot point, but he didn't and Boston really should have won this game.

  4. Imagine what could have been if Kobe wasn't so full of shit

  5. never knew that gasol bucket shouldn’t have counted woooooooooooooow

  6. I bleed purple and gold but this would be the last time I was happy with the Lakers as a team and NBA as a league. Every American sports turned into a sissy industry with political interference.

  7. 1:16:34 The shoot fake of bryant nowaydays would be automatic foul = freethrow. What a pussy game now nba has become. Just look at final score and you know it was a different game back then.

  8. All those boards by your 6,6 guard, were so good.

  9. Hoping Lakers will be champion on 2027 to 2030.🤞

  10. 我來自台灣! 2023依然覺得Kobe還在!

  11. One of the best finals in my lifetime. Defensive battle. The revenge game. Lakers v Celtics.

  12. First off I wanna thank everyone in my hood 😂😂

  13. 科比虽然骨骼架子很大,但总感觉他在面框突破时不能保持身体的完全稳定

  14. Garnett背身吃不了加索尔啊,感觉面框顶上去也费力,这个系列赛的关键matchup

  15. 阿伦把科比限制的很好,换皮尔斯防蜗壳可能挂挡面框突了

  16. rondo be like: these kinds of behaviors should have been banned from 2010

  17. 这场科比得认是抱队友大腿拿下来的

  18. 乔丹皮蓬时期不仅是外线火力的stable,而且是顶弧的防守闸门

  19. Fun facts: 1. Even with shooting 6 – 24, Kobe led all scorers in an all too important Game 7.

  20. As a Celtics fan, I was crying & screaming at the tv with my family & I’ll never forget how devastated I was. So many bad calls, so many missed free throws & sooo many hustle plays on both sides. Everyone on that court & watching that game poured their heart out that day. ❤

  21. Love how Farmar told Kobe when he was down, let’s go, get back up 2 point game – shows even the Mamba himself needed teammates to remind him to keep fighting 😊

  22. That Gasol shot would be challenged in todays NBA and would potentially make a completely different outcome.

  23. RIP Kobe:( Mamba mentality will always live on

  24. 52:02 – Rasheed Wallace had a flashback to the malice on the palace. 😂 that tap said “chill out Ron” I’m from Detroit btw 🔥

  25. Look at the defense and most importantly not many good shooters.

  26. Imagine if this Celtic team got together in the early 2000’s they would’ve had at least 3 championships.

  27. Steph curry wouldn’t stand a chance against this kinda defense..

  28. That spit on the side of Paul Pierce mouth is disgusting.

  29. i miss the old lakers defence chant

  30. How Celtics have 6 fts in the 4th quarter

    And lakers had 21 ?

    It was a super tight game

    Celtics had 4 point leas going in ?

    How did Kobe and pau. Have 9 fts each. 18’total in the 4th
    But the Celtics as a team have 17 for the entire game COMBINED !!!

    How ?

  31. Just a few minutes in, and it's already almost unbelievable just how garbage Kobe is. Relentless idiocy and incompetence.

  32. 2022 NBA Finals is not like this anymore, man I miss these day

  33. I can only imagine what Jerry West must have felt like when he found out that his guy beat his mortal enemy for the NBA championship

  34. As a Celtics fan this hurt to watch even now , we should have took this one . Good fight on both ends RIP to the Goat 🙏🏽

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