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#20 Missouri vs #13 Arkansas Basketball Game Highlights 1 4 2023

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#20 Missouri vs #13 Arkansas Basketball Game Highlights 1 4 2023
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  1. My opinion refs were meat riding Arkansas in second half but both teams look good sec is wide open for every team to win but obviously Florida Vanderbilt and a few Missouri fan gg Arkansas I believe we play again on 21 so see you in Missouri

  2. A lot of mistakes were made by MO late in game, you dont win games with poor decisions late in games.

  3. I don't understand the time out at 2.5 seconds left when you down by 6. Like I would have understood if you called it earlier but literally postpone the inevitable loss

  4. Missouri never quit, I like that. From what I hear Arkansas was missing it`s best player. MU appears a bit raggedy on offense, especially with their play in the paint. Not enough movement on defense, and careless with the ball on offense, down the stretch. Pretty good game by both teams.

  5. I have to say I watched this game in it's entirety and Missouri came out an done what they do, but I think Arkansas made the right adjustments at the half and Missouri got fatigued. Takes alot of energy to press the way Missouri does and Arkansas showed why their still a great team. But home court advantage is a real thing in college basketball. 💯

  6. Pinion came off bench to get us out of that shooting drought in first half

  7. Love what Walsh does without the ball in his hands. Always looking for an open lane to cut or a rebound

  8. Some many piss poor calls against Arkansas. Some were almost like the ref's had money on the game. Definitely not called evenly.

  9. Thanks. I cannot get 80 percent of these games in Canada and I only like watching the last 2 minutes anyways.

  10. The refs waved off Mizzou last dunk and I won my Hogs -5.5 for $36

  11. I would assume that Missouri pg wasn't that size when he was recruited..they eatin good out there.

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