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20 CRAZIEST Dunks In NBA History..

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These Are The 20 CRAZIEST Dunks In NBA History..

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  1. 1. 2 buckle my shoe. 3. 4. open the nooor. 5. 6. nike kicks

  2. I still remember when Tatum literally flew through the backboard and fractured his skull. Crazy times

  3. This guy was swearing too much in this video. My son and I were trying to watch some dunks and he had to throw out the gd every third dunk. 💀 Not even necessary.

  4. I could really see the demons on Alonzo mourning he really look vex, come on Mourning stop mourned it's a part of the game grow up u hope your talking to Carter now

  5. Bro I knew it!! I knew Tatum whet through the backboard on a dunk… was just looking for the highlight. thanks Rebound!

  6. everyone is a little fella to shaq tho 😮‍💨

  7. Man where is “I got a Glock In my rari” at???

  8. blake griffin is advanced in puttin balls when he is not supossed to do.

  9. I don't understand basketball, the top 3 looked like all the other ones.

  10. I remember watching Jayson Tatum go through a backboard

  11. JT flying through the backboard like it's not there!! Love it!!

  12. stop putting non nba basketball as nba content because it isnt.

  13. the overly dramatic reactions are ridiculous

  14. You missed one of the best dunks ever … John Starks over the bulls three defenders , Jordan , Pippen and grant, but you probably think lebrowns 's are better aswell as he's better than MJ…

  15. Man I miss when the Clippers used to be called Lob City. Dj and Griffin being dunk beasts, CP3 being a great PG, Jamal Crawford breaking ankles and being a clutch player, JJ Reddick for the 3 pointers. I basically grew up in this era when I was a teenager. Clippers destroying rims, Warriors were rising from the bottom to become one the greatest teams ever, and Lebron James going back to the Cavs to team up with Kyrie. Durant and Westbrook were still friends at that time.

  16. Jr smith flying dunk and vince carter olmpic dunk is missing 😢

  17. hey rebound what is your fav baskiteball team

  18. OMG somebody called the cops we need to arrest this man in the NBA right now

  19. Hello!?Where is gerald green’s alleyoop?!

  20. Blake griffin was the first to grip the back of the head of a grown ahh man and give him a facial

  21. you got to stop calling lobron the goat cuz he is not

  22. I make my dunk when I cross the leg broke people alchone and then dunk on them

  23. Bro they changed his wiki page lmao, that's next level

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