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#2 UConn vs #1 South Carolina Women Basketball Game Highlights, 2022 NCAA National Championship

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#2 UConn vs #1 South Carolina Women Basketball Game Highlights, 2022 NCAA National Championship
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  1. Rewatching this was brutal but I actually feel like the team performed better when Caroline and Nika were in. They were playing with a lot of heart and the energy was different. Sad loss for the huskies

  2. So Paige did exactly what she did in HS, lose championship games.
    She is 1-5 now in her HS and college career..lol

  3. Besides Paige, the rest of her team didn't show up..

  4. Dawn Staley has her second "one shining moment" to remember. Play this Luther Vandross song!

  5. sooo…good game SC, what country were u representing??? where is
    the University of South Carolina players going to celebrate their victory??? Certainly not under an American flag… maybe in Jamaica 🇯🇲 (love to the Jamaican's), Brazil 🇧🇷 or in BLM's new country??? Your entire sports program disgusts me…Such disrespect for the country that you're playing in… don't hide in the locker room… Tell us which country you would rather be in… I will make sure you get your wish…one way tickets are cheap.

  6. All that I kept hearing was that Dawn Staley's Team won't get the credit that they deserve until they beat UConn in the Big Game. Well, they didn't just beat UConn, they pulled UConn's pants down before GOD and the World.

    The Future of NCAA Women's B-ball is South Carolina…and the Future has arrived!

  7. 😁😁😁😁 so glad she lost in her home town I live here in Minneapolis and it sucks chicago Boyz

  8. uccon aint get no foul calls, they called anything against them, but idem bc uccon cant make shots nor layups

  9. UConn did not back Paige up today at all she worked so hard smh

  10. You know sports is foul when you can do highlights over women games but the ncaa won’t let you over mens games in the March madness tournament

  11. The dude callin this game on the radio kept callin em cocks ! Is it just me or WTF!

  12. According to the Stats, UConn had a slight edge on Field Goals made, including 3 pointers, but got massacred on the free throw line making just 1 of 4 free throw attempts while USC made 17 of 26, and that was the game. Has anyone seen such lopsided free throw attempts in a Championship Game?

  13. South Carolina was hungrier, better coached and wanted it more.

  14. Yes South Carolina lady Gamecocks!! Congratulations on a well deserved NCAA title!! Love Dawn Staley and this team!!

  15. They knelt for the anthem so f*ck 'em. I love how they scream racial injustice while their playing for the National Championship with a scholarship none the less…🤣🤣. So stupid.

  16. Talk about racism in the South Carolina women’s basketball department. All of the starters on the team are black women and 2 are white women. Such a shame. Dawn Staley should be investigated for lack of racial diversity within her program. Such a shame. Great win but it was a racist win!

  17. The only good thing about the NCAA is their refusal to pay these woke pieces of free entertainment. Way to go you hateful and disrespectful ladies, so glad you aren’t getting paid to hate this beautiful free country.

  18. I don’t care what the statistics say, UCONN simply got beat. They never once led in the game. It had to be a team effort and simply not rely on one person.

  19. south carolina was really good this yr congrats to them. but. its has been for 20 yrs now. in womans college basketball its uconn and everybody else. stone cold fact

  20. I have written this comment as a person born and raised in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I am happier that the University of South Carolina's women's basketball head coach Dawn Staley has won another post-season championship :-))))). Dawn Staley could be enshrined in more sports halls of fame than where she is now :-))))). She is an excellent head coach in women's basketball; no doubt about it :-))))). A women's basketball dynasty at the University of South Carolina is extremely possible :-))))).

  21. I hope none of the women playing have testicles. Sooner or later some will.

  22. So you guys stayed in the locker room during the national anthem. Well, your a great basketball team but lousy americans

  23. 小粉紅老母全家都係日軍慰安婦 says:

    paige is still the best,boston win because,she has a better team like Larry bird when plays against 80s bulls

  24. Paige played horrible and lost the game for UCONN, carolina is nothing.

  25. Uconn slappy here. Congratulations to SC. Destroyed UConn on the offensive boards. Nelson was, as usually, not very good in the big game. SC owned her end all night. Dorka would have helped had she not been hurt. Still don't see them winning with bad defensive rebounding by Nelson and Edwards

  26. Judging by the box score UConn would seem to have let the game get away from them in first quarer and never to have recovered despite nearly matching SC in points the rest of the way. I did not watch the game, but listening to folks who did, I gather it was a beating much worse than the stats sheet alone would lead one to assume.

  27. Henderson is graduating to the pros this year. She had two huge games since the elite 8 singlehandedly waking up SC's offense. UConn will beat SC next year. Ain't gonna be no dynasty after Boston and it's doubtful what they'll accomplish without Henny

  28. Let's See. We stay in the locker room due to white oppression symbolized in the Natl Anthem, then we appear and play the game where 9 of the 10 girls on the floor are black. . . .

  29. Paige came back from an injury & still the best player on her team. Her teammates couldn’t step up. Williams looked scared to score, relied on Paige to score all the points.
    SC won this game in the first couple mins.

  30. UConn women and Geno Auriemma have nothing to be ashamed of.
    11 National Championships, 16 consecutive Elite Eight appearances,
    and 111 consecutive wins…that's is what you call "Impressive"

  31. Congratulations Sc Gamecocks , great championship run , try again next season and beyond , UConn can’t win all of the championships in this era of basketball

  32. The ONLY reason UConn had 30 wins was because they play in a shit conference.

  33. So this was a tale of Two Aliyahs…both on opposite sides 👏👏👏

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