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#2 UCLA vs #1 Gonzaga Basketball Game Highlights 11 23 2021

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#2 UCLA vs #1 Gonzaga Basketball Game Highlights 11 23 2021
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  1. Ball movement is phenomenal for Gonzaga. I hope Coach Cronin utilizes inside/outside game and ball movement more. We can't keep doing iso or hope the three just falls every time.

  2. god awful refs. helped ucla out in 2nd half and they still couldn't do a thing. lmao

  3. 💥💥UCLA is overrated Villanova was out playing UCLA for the majority of that game until they gagged it away.

    I Never brought into UCLA being the number two ranked team before the season. They're slow-footed and unathletic.

  4. Gonzaga is winning the natty their games against Texas and UCLA prove that they can matchup and beat anybody. I think the biggest reason they have a legit shot is that Out of conference schedule. Credit to the Zags for scheduling this hard.
    This is also the best team few has had.

  5. Holmgren wouldn’t score on Purdue unless it was a wide open layup just saying

  6. Imma Baylor fan but stop making excuses for UCLA. Gonzaga is just the better team

  7. NOTE: Zags are 5 and 2 over UCLA now lifetime.

  8. That shrill announcer was too much noise. Had to watch the game without his chirping.

  9. UCLA looked liked a victim tonight and G looked like a victor tonight.

  10. It’s sad because UCLA actually gave up half way though the first half. Then they played much better the second half.

  11. 7:34 why even bother watching the game if the ref's aren't going to

  12. Reading the comments reinforces that most casual fans don't watch and understand the game of basketball. UCLA was missing their starting center Cody Riley. They were forced to play his backup extended mins and also had to play their 4th string big against argubably the best frontline in the naton. That isn't gonna cut it. UCLA played poorly, the refs were horrible and it just wasn't their night. No excuses but all of this talk of UCLA being overrated is beyond ridiclous. They beat a top 5 team in Villanova earlier this season. Gonzaga was trapping UCLA's high pick and roll all night long because the UCLA bigs were no offensive threat. You can't do that with Riley on the floor. Missing him threw off the spacing and the Bruins player began to press and play hurried offensively. UCLA will be fine. They should be a 1 or 2 seed in the tourney and will challenge for a PAC 12 title. I really want a rematch in the tourney with a healthy UCLA sqaud.

  13. Scary part for the rest of college basketball is that the season is extremely early and the Zags will get better and better. Imagine this team in march. GO ZAGS!!!!

  14. I know Chet is getting a lot of attention and Timme is Mr Gonzaga at the moment but a lot of people are quick to dismiss Nembhard. This game plays out very different without Nembhard playing 40 minutes of very controlled and smart basketball. Absolute elite floor general.

  15. Uk will beat the Zags like a dog if they ever meet.

  16. ESPN should have interviewed Andrew Nembhard not Chet

  17. I hate Gonzaga, but they killed UCLA . Best team in basketball you say something different you are a fool.

  18. Whole west coast is weak. Both these teams will get smashed by Duke, or Purdue. East coast famlay 💪😎

  19. Bruins got smoked!!!!!!!!.But when Juzang got decked by 3 and no foul called;just gave the Bruins that the Refs were not going to give them a fair call during the game.

  20. Missing starting center or not, UCLA is NOT #2

  21. Let’s see if Duke has anything for them on Friday night and if not they may be #1 all year again in 2022.

  22. This is an eye-opener, I know it's early but I'm picking Arizona to win the Pac-12.

  23. This looks like G league team vs college team. It doesn’t even look hard for Gonzaga.

  24. The worst NBA team would beat Gonzaga by 70 points. College basketball sucks.

  25. they need to find a way to get johnny the ball more

  26. Where's the mute on these broadcasters? I didnt watch this video to liseten to some old bag blabber about non basketball related subjects. No wonder he's not a full time broadcaster for any real station.

  27. The refs was allowing Gonzaga to beat up on UCLA ..

  28. This is the big-time performance that Gonzaga can never come up with when they need it the most in March. Probably stems from playing 3 months of a soft conference schedule and then having to play top teams again. They can win these games against top teams in November and December but can rarely repeat the performance in March or April.

  29. Another Gonzaga team that will lose in the championship game the way they did to Baylor and North Carolina.

  30. Mark my words, UCLA's season will come down to point guard play. Does Tyger Campbell have the confidence to break guys off the dribble and either finish or dish. Does he have the confidence to pull up for a wide open shot when they sag after he breaks em down. If he does those two things, the rest of this team is too skilled to not take advantage of mismatches and the open looks this will create. If not, they'll die either by mediocre and outdated post play or by one-on-one ball. It's up to you Tyger.

  31. I'm still disapointed at Drew Timme for not going Pro. He needs to be there instead of being a brute in College Basketball. You guys do realize that college is just for a stepping stone to the pro's and not just a 4 year commitment anymore. Look,you do things simply bc they are right and this time the draft should of gotten this player instead of him going back for his Senior season. It was a stupid mistake to going back and even Drew knows this and realizes that he should be playing in the NBA right now instead of college. I'm really disapointed in this man for staying in college to play college ball. It shouldn't be happening. Stupid choices and another idiot that doesn't know right from wrong in life due to the wrong people influenceing him. It was the correct choice staying in college this time folks. He should be playing in the Pro's. Even Georges Niange left his Junior year for the pro's bc it was the correct choice. Sorry Drew Timme but you made the wrong choice to stay in college Bubba.

  32. I do not watch bball games when shot from 'nosebleed' section tv cameras…..

  33. Holmgren vs Sotto vs Mobley vs Wembamaya. Classic rivalries of the lanky 7 footers in the NBA for this decade.

  34. Dicky V: "Oh they play at some pace! You gotta get back in transition!"

    Gonzaga in a nutshell, so quick. Like a right hook.

  35. So awesome to hear Dicky V. That Cancer is gone in Jesus Name

  36. If this isn't Gonzaga's year, then it may never be.

  37. It was painful to watch UCLA play that tense. Like coach Green said long ago, 'they were who UCLA THOUGHT they were'. The #1 team and we let them off the hook.

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