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#2 Kansas vs #13 Kansas State Basketball Game Highlights 1 17 2023

Matthew Loves Ball
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#2 Kansas vs #13 Kansas State Basketball Game Highlights 1 17 2023
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  1. We all know these teams not going to make the final 4

  2. K-state fans need to act like they been here before

  3. The refs made this game almost unwatchable Big 12 needs to fix that

  4. This is a wake up call for us Jayhawks. We all should have known that we couldn’t keep this up. But I guarantee KU will get revenge when K-state comes to Allen.

  5. A mistake at 41 seconds left in overtime cost KU the game.

  6. KU missed WAY WAY too many FTs. I believe FTs were the losing factor. You can’t miss that many and expect to win.
    KU 24/34 from the stripe
    KSU 26/33
    KU missed 10 and if they hit 5/10, they win.
    KSU makes 4/6
    88-87 KU
    Shows how vital FTs are in close games like this 1 pt win.

  7. Thanks for the upload. Great game! Go 'Cats!!!

  8. The wake up call for KU will come when the NCAA yakes away the title for 2022

  9. Adams, McCullers fouling out, not playing in OT really helped KSU cause.

  10. Self calls a TO when Wilson has the ball.. took away a 3. Self calls a TO when Wilson has a massive mismatch on the blocks, calls a TO. Great coaching.

  11. The F KU chant needs to stop now! Even the K-state coach said he wants that to end. And when I heard it again after they beat us tonight it shows they still don’t have any class whatsoever

  12. The way my boy looked at Wilson after that lob play was cold blooded

  13. Too bad ISU couldn't pull out the dub saturday and really blow the Big 12 open

  14. Thanks Matthew for another great job! Wow, Jerome Tang has really got shit turned around in his first year at K-State! 😎

    Jalen Wilson is a beast for KU! 🤩

  15. When ku loses I get highlights pop up on my home page but when we win I don’t see no highlights. Lame asf k state still ain’t shit🤣🤣

  16. That was Ignorant by Storming the Court!!! K-State wasn't some Big Unranked Cinderella Underdog!! It was the #13 Team VS the #2 Team! 😂….. That's why here in the SEC Teams do Not Storm the Courts, We have More Maturity and Respect!!

  17. The Jayhawks could of pulled it off just some dumb Turn overs and bad passing Kansas with work that out and be on top just wait

  18. Kansas becoming a true basketball powerhouse state, it’s the dream, just need k state to win a national. From a KU fan

  19. K-State looked great last night, while KU looked like garbage, and it was still that close lol.

  20. Close game, that's sucks for KU. Self costed KU a win with that timeout and that will probably be the biggest learning lesson not to do that again when the ball is play like that. KU will definitely bounce back much strong on their homecourt and win it back.

  21. Bill Self owes me a lot of money.

  22. They need let number 0 for Kansas start over number 3 shid 3 is ass df

  23. Thank you Coach Self to help us lost this one what was You Thanking???? I STILL LOVE KSATE 2 A KANSAS GIRL ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS

  24. Now that's what I call a Self inflicted wound, I mean why he call the time out when Wilson was lighting it up from 3 all game? Then another time out when Wilson had the mismatch in the post with the smaller player? LMAO

  25. this was a suprisingly well refed game, both teams got equal amounts of bad calls, also i think that time out by self was one of if not the stupidest things he has ever done at KU, but hats off to kstate for finally making this a real rivalry again, cya in allen field house!

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