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2 DIY Cardboard Football And Basketball Games

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REAL LIFE SPORT GAMES ON YOUR TABLETOP!🤩 Build and play with your friends and Slime Sam!⛹️‍♂️⛹️‍♀️ Mini football and mini basketball board games!🏀⚽️🏀⚽️🏀⚽️

This video is dedicated to all of our sports fans! Build amazing tabletop games from cardboard with Slime Sam and his human helper Sue and play away. If you like company try out the NBA basketball cardboard game for two players. And if you don’t mind playing by yourself then this cardboard football game with famous players and endless penalty goals is right up your alley.

Homemade cardboard crafts are what keeps us busy during the weekends and we want to share this exciting hobby with you. This sports crafts work for both boys and girls. Boys are generally more interested in sports and this game will give them a chance to enjoy their favorite sports at home. We all know how moms feel about playing ball in a house! And if you are a girl and not normally engaged in sporty activities it’s a chance for you to understand the games and their rules better. Who knows, you might like it very much!

We love cardboard crafts! We’re always looking for new creative ideas and cardboard hacks and then showing them to you! The best thing about those crafts is that they are simple enough to make even if you don’t have special skills or tools. They are time-consuming though and you have to be really patient and attentive to details. Most likely you already have necessary tools and supplies just laying around the house. So check out the video and start making things from cardboard! The most important things that you’ll need for pretty much any cardboard craft:

– lots and lot of corrugated cardboard;

– hot glue;

– rulers and measuring tape;

– markers, pens, pencils;

– a box cutter or an office knife;

– bamboo sticks;

– popsicle sticks;

– rubber bands;

– scissors.

REMEMBER, safety comes first! Always ask an adult to help you with a project if it requires using sharp objects or hot glue! Not only it’ll be safe for you but it also brings you and your family closer and you will have so much fun together! Let your parents be kids again;)



This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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