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#2 Arizona vs #16 USC Basketball Game Highlights 3 1 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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#2 Arizona vs #16 USC Basketball Game Highlights 3 1 2022
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  1. Love watching the arena slowly empty out with each Arizona bucket.

  2. Thanks Matthew for another job well done! Zona is fun to watch when they're clicking on all cylinders, dunk you very much!

  3. The first half was the best half of basketball this season by any team

  4. Arizona is a problem man. I don’t get to see much PAC 12 being on the East coast but it’s a really high quality product right now.

  5. “Wtf why is Arizona #2 still?”

    There’s your answer

  6. please upload the wisconsin purdue game

  7. I wish Arizona didn't take their foot off the gas in the second half, could have been a 40 pt win.

  8. Thanks for posting these, really awesome! GO CATS

  9. Its time we brought that championship home to Tucson.

  10. Love the U of A chants raining down at the end. Good job Arizona fans! Side note: the announcer at Galen is one of the best. Has his own style and fun to listen to in person. You can hear him in the background.

  11. USC doesn't impress me much this year and Zona is extremely impressive. I can't believe USC has accumulated the great record they have.

  12. The way they play reminds me of Chino Hills beatin up on all the undefeated teams and just beating them so bad

  13. Arizona’s plays are disgusting gawwwd 🗣communication skills are wayy ahead of everyone 🔥

  14. La Zona got game. Gracias por tu video, Señor Matthew. RT sends… envía.. Puebla, México…

  15. I said this on the AZ Tennesee video, im a cats fan and it is awesome to see this but again the fouls were called more on AZ but that doesnt really matter, Its great to see this, we are so underrated by so many east coast bracketologists it hurts but on primetime espn we showed up and thats what matters

  16. Arizona is Legit Fr!! Ballo, Koloko, tubellis Hey btw Matthew could u upload the Duke Vs Pittsburgh Game

  17. Thank you so much Mattthew! So happy to see the game!

  18. Arizona is playing more agressive and with super energy and effort!

  19. Anyone know why kim aiken jr. doesn’t get any playtime for the cats anymore?

  20. Refs vs Arizona and Usc bums still lost lmao

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